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How-to-Deal-with-a-Busy-Husband How to Deal with a Busy Husband

Dealing with an extremely busy husband can be very challenging for a wife and can be very painful and depressing for the kids who want […]

Signs of a Controlling Husband

There are many women all over the world who are in an abusive relationship.  Living with a controlling husband can be suffocating as well as […]

Why Married Men Cheat on their Wives

There is a no definite answer as to why married men cheat.  It is evident from the history of mankind that men have cheated on […]

How to Love your Husband after an Affair

The husband has to take the responsibility for his mistakes if you really want to save your marriage after your husband’s affair. You cannot live […]

How to Love your Husband Unconditionally

It is very hard to find someone who you can love unconditionally. One has to understand the meaning of unconditional love. If one understands the […]

How to Make an Angry Husband Happy

It is not easy to handle a husband with a hot temper. Men are much more verbal and let their anger out while women keep […]

How to Not be Jealous of your Husband’s Ex-Wife

Ladies, it is very common to feel a bit jealous if your husband seems to still have feelings for his ex-wife. So be cool and […]

Are You Married to a Workaholic Husband?

Living and coping with a husband who is a workaholic can be very challenging. There are two types of workaholics, one who does only what […]

Successful Wives and Submissive Husbands

This article tries to understand how a couple can strike a balance between the male ego and the female’s success in a world of women’s […]

How to Win Over an Angry Wife

Okay. You have done something really off-the-wall to annoy and tick off your wife. She is really angry and is not talking to you. She […]

Why Men Nag

It is a very common assumption that women nag. What is unknown to many is that men also nag, and their nagging is as bad […]

How to Clear Misunderstandings in a Marriage

Have you and your spouse stopped talking for some period of time because it is “just not worth the fight”? You talked about it before […]

Why Women Don’t Like It When Husbands Watch Porn

Many husbands notice their wives losing their temper every time they watch any kind of porn. There is an instant gratification for some men when […]

Why Men Resort To Silence Suddenly

There are times in a relationship when men suddenly go very silent.  They are all very sweet and romantic at one moment and at the […]

Is Your Husband Flirting?

Is your husband flirting? Or is he just being friendly with others. Usually if the husband is an extrovert and tends to mingle easily, it […]