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The Relationship between Headaches and Cancer

Every one of us suffers from a headache once in a while, but when you get a headache that wonai??i??t go away then you start […]

The Relationship Between Emotional and Physical Pain

The purpose of pain is to warn us that there is danger or potential danger to our person and that we should do something about […]

The Silent Migraine

The silent migraine is a migraine with all its symptoms without the headache. The mistake most people make is to think that a migraine is […]

Is it Possible to Live a Painless Life?

While it may seem rare and unbelievable, there are indeed people who go through life painless. This condition is known as Congenital Insensitivity to Pain […]

Pain During and After Sex – Women

Women all over the world have reported this condition. Scientifically, pain during and after sex is referred to as ‘dyspareunia’ which is Greek for difficulty […]

Parsonage Turner Syndrome ai??i?? Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Parsonage Turner Syndrome or Brachial Plexopathy or Brachial Plexus Dysfunction or Brachial Neuritis is a rare condition that affects the upper arm and the shoulder. […]

What is Occipital Neuralgia?

Occipital Neuralgia is a very distinct type of headache. It is characterized by electric shock-like, piercing, tingling, shooting and throbbing chronic pain in the back […]

What is Temporal Arteritis?

Temporal Arteritis or Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA) is a rare (5 in every 10,000 people are diagnosed) medical condition in which inflammation and damage of […]

What is Phantom Limb Pain?

Phantom Limb Pain or Phantom Pain is the pain that appears to generate from the region of an amputated part in the body. It is […]

Cholelithiasis ai??i?? Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Cholelithiasis or Biliary colic or Gallstones or Gallbladder Attack or Bile Calculus or Gallstone Attack or Biliary Calculus is a condition of gallbladder characterized by […]

What is Spasmodic Torticollis?

Spasmodic (adult on-set) Torticollis also known as Cervical Dystonia is a rare neurological movement disorder which is characterized by debilitating pain in the neck due […]

Anal Pain ai??i?? Traits, Causes and Treatment

Anal Pain as the name indicates is the pain in and around the rectum (perianal region) or anus. The cause of this pain in most […]

Proctalgia Fugax ai??i?? Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Proctalgia Fugax also known as Levator Ani Syndrome is nothing but a sudden and severe pain in the rectum that often does not last for […]

What is Proctalgia Fugax – Symptoms

Proctalgia Fugax or Levator Ani Syndrome is a condition characterized by recurrent, intermittent, severe and self-limited pain in the rectum. It was first described more […]

Erythromelalgia (EM) Treatment

Erythromelalgia (EM) is the term used to describe a combination of symptoms including an intense, burning pain, swelling and severe redness of arms and/or hands […]