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shutterstock_79619047 Fibromyalgia Tender Points

Fibromyalgia is derived from the Greek words fibro meaning fibrous tissue, myo meaning muscle and algia meaning pain. Fibromyalgia tender points are those points in […]

shutterstock_94862512 Hip Replacement Alternatives – Non Surgical Options

A painful hip can hamper the usual routine activities in one’s life hugely. Especially in the case of arthritis, the damage to the hip can […]

shutterstock_103072784 Arthritis Pain Medications – The Side Effects

People who suffer from arthritis pains would rejoice any drug or medicine that would make their pain go away. But of late, more and more […]

Diabetes and foot pain Diabetes and Foot Pain

Diabetics commonly experience foot pain due to four main causes which are listed below. It is essential for them to detect the cause early and […]

shutterstock_51080590 (2) Fibromyalgia Pain Management – Foods to Avoid That Trigger Pain and Inflammation

People who have fibromyalgia suffer from severe joint and muscle pain and inflammation which could lead to chronic fatigue and depression. Fibromyalgia pain management involves […]

Calf pain What is Calf Pain?

The calf is the region at the back of the leg below the knee. It comprises of three important muscles. Commonly, muscle injuries cause calf […]

pregnancy_pain Non-threatening Pregnancy Pains

You are finally pregnant and are leaping with joy, but there are some pregnancy pains that you may need to be aware of. While they […]

Peyronie’s Disease Peyronie’s Disease

It seems that if any part of your body functions, then something is likely to go wrong with it as well. The Peyronie’s disease affects […]

Domestic Violence Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is inclusive of any abuse that can occur in a domesticated setting, especially in the case of families. The abuse can be either […]

AIDS, Blood and Syringe AIDS and Pain

Many of us associate AIDS and pain, but why is that given the availability of high quality pain relief medications in the market? Information from […]

Tongue Pain Tongue Pain

Like all other body parts, at some point your tongue will experience pain for some reason or another. Tongue pain can be a serious issue […]

Survivor’s Guilt Survivor’s Guilt

Survivor’s guilt is known to affect survivors of any situation that is considered as traumatic to the sufferers. It may also be known as imagined […]

Corruption Corruption – The Virus

Corruption is the deviation from what is moral and goes against conscience, i.e. the deviation from that which is considered spiritually and morally ideal. This […]

Child Sexual Abuse The Evil that is Child Sexual Abuse

As one of the forms of child abuse, child sexual abuse is possibly one of the more damaging forms of abuse as the consequences are […]

Disease Strange Diseases and Disorders

For some illnesses that we are aware of and while they are painful, they are well researched and some form of treatment can be offered. […]