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How-Magnetictherapy-is-beneficial-in-Diagnosing-Cardiac-Arrest How Magnetictherapy is beneficial in Diagnosing Cardiac Arrest

The Heart is one of the vital organs of our body. Its primary function is to produce oxygen rich blood to various parts of our […]

Can-Magnetic-Therapy-Treat-Bipolar-Active-Disorder Can Magnetic Therapy Treat Bipolar Active Disorder

1 out of 45 adults in United States suffer from Bipolar Active Disorder. People suffering from this disorder have erratic mood swings. Diagnosis is difficult […]

How-MagneticTherapy-Reduce-Pain-by-Influencing-Positive-and-Negative-Ions How MagneticTherapy Reduce Pain by Influencing Positive and Negative Ions

The human body is made up of charged particles called ions. These charged particles are of two types. The positively charged and the negatively charged […]

Magnetic-Knee-Brace-Can-Reduce-Knee-Osteoarthritis Magnetic Knee Brace Can Reduce Knee Osteoarthritis

Obesity is a national epidemic in America off late. It is one of the factors that can cause Osteoarthritis. According to the National Institute of […]

Can Magnetic Therapy Cause Bone Fracture Healing

Each year one million bone fractures occur in the United States of America. 50% of these fractures are spinal related. 25% fracture are hip fractures. […]

How Magnetic Therapy Claims to be a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

Nearly 4 Million Americans suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). This fact is according to Studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. […]

Neodymium Magnets Eye Masks Can Relieve Sinus

12% adults in America suffer from Sinusitis according to a statistics provided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Sinuses is the air-filled gap between […]

Leg Ulcers Can be Healed by Magneto Therapy

Leg Ulcers are of two types.Arterial leg ulcers and Venous leg ulcers.Lack of proper blood circulation in the legs leads to this types of ulcers.Research […]

Magnetic Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Panic attacks due to anxiety cause much discomfort. Depression is also a problem to reckon with. Many suffer from these diseases or illnesses and much […]

Magnetic Treatment for Sciatica

In simple terms, Sciatica is the pain that flows through the path of the sciatic nerve. The Sciatic nerve is known to be the longest […]

Magnetic Therapy for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bone becomes porous due to low bone mass and structural deterioration of bone tissue. Unfortunately, Osteoporosis is a […]

Magnetic Therapy for Sciatica

The nerve from Pelvis to the Hip area is the longest and is known as Sciatic Nerve. It regulates muscles of the lower leg and […]

Poor Circulation Cure by Magnetic Therapy

Poor Blood Circulation is the root of many major health problems. This disease effects blood vessels outside heart and brain. It causes the blood vessels […]

Magnetic Therapy for Diabetes Cure

Diabetes continues to strengthen its grip as one of the world’s top diseases. Patients once enslaved by diabetes, have very little chances of breaking free. […]