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Serotonin Might Influence Our Judgment About Couple’s Intimacy

According to a study conducted at the Oxford University, our judgment about the intimacy levels of other couples is influenced by serotonin, a brain chemical. […]

Infidelity Might be Predicted from the Mate’s Voice

The researchers have found a link between the voice pitch and the perceived infidelity. According to the study, women feel that men with low voice […]

Stress of Unemployed Partner Affects Job Performance of Employed Partner

The stress of an unemployed spouse can affect the productivity and home life of the employed partner. This is what Maw-Der Foo, Associate Professor, University […]

Married Couples in the UK are the Happiest

The findings published in Understanding Society reveals that about 90% of the individuals living in the United Kingdom with a partner are happy in their […]

Interacting with Other Couples Might Improve Your Relationship

A study conducted at the Wayne State University states that couples that interact with other couples and integrate them in their social lives are more […]

Partner Good at Recovering from Conflict Ideal for Satisfying Relationship

A person who can recover from a conflict well is ideal for a stable and fulfilling romantic relationship, says a study by the researchers the […]

Woman Finds Man More Attractive When She Is Not Sure of His Feelings

According to an interesting study by the researchers of the University of Virginia and the Harvard University, a woman tends to be more attracted to […]

Best Actress Oscar Award Winners Might Lose Out On Marriage

According to a research conducted by Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto and Carnegie Mellon University Academy Award winners for the Best Actress category […]

Social Networking Leads to Faster Intimacy Among New Couples

Shape and Menai??i??s Fitness magazines conducted their third annual sex survey. It was found out that about four in five women and three in five […]

Language Style Can Predict the Future of a Relationship

A study conducted by James Pennebaker, University of Texas, Austin, throws light at the importance of language in a relationship. Besides the similarity in values, […]

Heartbreak Prepares You For True Love

Finally, there is some good news for all those who have had their heart broken in love. Failure in love can actually bring you closer […]

How to Tell Love From Infatuation?

Are you day ai??i?? dreaming about someone? Do you feel lost or restless almost like a drug-addict without drugs..