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Magnetic-Therapy-Reduce-Post-Polio-Pain Can Magnetic Therapy Reduce Post Polio Pain

Post-polio syndrome (PPS) is a condition that affects the survivors of the polio years after its recovery. According to an estimation of the National Center […]

How to Deal with the Absent Mindedness in Your Husband

Absent minded people are often considered a bit eccentric. The usual trance surrounding them can be annoying to many. But what if our life partner […]

Is-Magnetic-Therapy-a-Diabetic-Neuropathy-Treatment-Technique Is Magnetic Therapy a Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment Technique

60%-70% of the Type 2 diabetic patients suffer from Diabetic Neuropathy. Complementary treatment methods like Magnetic Therapy are tried and tested to address this ailment. […]

Can Magnetic Therapy Cause Bone Fracture Healing

Each year one million bone fractures occur in the United States of America. 50% of these fractures are spinal related. 25% fracture are hip fractures. […]

Nocturnal Epilepsy – Nocturnal Frontal Lobe Epilepsy

Nocturnal epilepsy is a disorder in which the patient experiences symptoms of seizures at night, usually while sleeping. Several common forms of epilepsy, including frontal […]

What is a Hypnic Jerk?

A hypnic  jerk is an involuntary twitch of muscles, which occurs as the  person just begins to fall asleep.  It is often described as the […]

Prozac- Insomnia Treatment

Prozac (Fluoxetine) is belongs SSRI class of medicines, which is used to treat several conditions such as depression, bulimia, panic disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) […]

What is Terminal Insomnia?

Terminal insomnia is a condition which involves waking up too early in the morning only to find it difficult to sleep again. People suffering from […]

Zoloft and Insomnia

Zoloft (Setraline) is an anti-depressant, belonging to  SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) and is used to treat depression, panic disorder and social anxiety disorder. Like […]

Celexa can lead to Insomnia

It is a well known fact that anxiety and depression contribute greatly to Insomnia. Certain forms of depression may lead to Insomnia Suicidal thoughts Feelings […]