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shutterstock_46756270 How To Treat Toenail Fungus?

Toenail fungus results in a painful and thick toenail. Most of the times, presence of this infection will deform and discolor your toenail and will […]

Golden Staph Infection

Golden staph infection is nothing but MRSA infection. This is the most common infection which afflicts several parts of the body. It mostly affects skin. […]

Staph Infection Symptoms

The bacteria that belong to the genus Staphylococcus cause staph infections. This bacterium is round in shape and is generally found in a bunch or […]

Lip Fungal Infection

Lips are the most sensitive organs in human body due to its tactile nature. They are sensitive to touch, cold and warmth. Many conditions can […]

Intestinal Infection Symptoms

An intestinal infection is caused by intestinal parasites, mold, fungus, yeast, virus, bacteria or due to poor personal hygiene. These can create great havoc in […]

Chest Infection Remedies

Generally chest infection occurs if the lower or upper respiratory tract gets afflicted because of the attacks of disease causing agents like bacteria or viruses. […]

Infection Symptoms After Surgery

Usually post surgical care involves checking the response of the patient to the surgery and even checking the occurrence of the infection. However, sometimes infection […]

Lung Infection Treatment

Lung infection is a condition wherein there is an inflammation of the lungs. This is a most common condition. In fact, pneumonia is the correct […]

Bacterial Infection in Women

There are a few bacteria which are natural inhabitants of vagina. They produce an acid which makes the vaginal surroundings to have acidic pH. It […]

Fungal Skin Infections

As the name suggests, fungal infections are caused by some types of fungi. Several types of fungi inhabit in the skin and usually most of […]

What is Mumps?

The parotid glands produce saliva. These are located between the ear and jaw and back of each cheek. If one or both parotid glands are […]

Bacterial Skin Infection

The skin is the largest organ on human body which protects them from the invading microorganisms and other environmental hazards as well. There are several […]

Earlobe Infection

An earlobe infection is the swelling of earlobe. This is caused by the staphylococcus bacteria which infect the ear’s skin. Also, earlobe piercing can hurt […]

Common Infectious Diseases

Often, bacteria, viruses, prions, parasites and fungus cause infectious diseases. Here is a list of common infectious diseases caused by these microorganisms. Bacterial Infectious Diseases: […]

Yeast Infection Sores

It is not only difficult but embarrassing to deal with yeast infection sores. These sores mostly appear on diaper area, mouth (thrush), skin, vagina and […]