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Skin Test to Evaluate Healthy and Unhealthy Lifestyles

A unique way of measuring the lifestyle of an individual has been developed by the researchers at the University of Berlin. One can find out […]

Vitiligo ai??i?? A ai???Curseai??? that Comes with Social Stigma Attached

Vitiligo or Leucoderma, is a skin disorder in which melanocytes (melanin producing cells) that are responsible for skin and hair color are destroyed or stop […]

MRI ABCs of The Magnetic Resonace Imaging – MRI

The Human body is opaque.To understand the diseases and treat them well, we should know what happens within the body…

Tips to Hold Down Health Costs

The issue of health care cost is a nagging challenge for governments all over the world which provide a serious threat to damage a countryai??i??s economy. In American context, some statistical findings to substantiate the truth..

Asbestos Lung Cancer

As the name indicates the asbestos lung cancer is the result of excessive asbestos contact. It is found mainly in workers who are engaged in manufacturing units. There might be a 20 years long period difference between the asbestos..

Forehead lifts for migraine

Doctors have come up with a treatment for migraine. It was found as a result of a case found in Stacy Porter, a 29 year old lady. She had severe migraine and it was diagnosed when she was 2 years old.

The patient suffered 15 days in a month with severe migraine before she had the surgery.

Snoring, Gestational Diabetes in Pregnancy

A recent study has reported an association between gestational diabetes in pregnant women and snoring. The study further finds a similar…

What is heat stress?, What is heat stroke?

Heat stress, also known as heat stroke, is generally seen in the elderly people. The body gets heated and this causes heat stroke. At times, […]

How to reduce tobacco use among employees through organizational policies?

Reducing tobacco use among employees is an important step towards healthier staff and cleaner environment. Reducing tobacco use can be best done through organizational policies. Many organizations have adopted smoke-free policies in their organization. To reduce smoking, proper planning, implementation, and monitoring of the…

Can Aerobic Exercise Benefit People with Chronic Heart Failure?

Heart failure is the primary reason for hospitalization of Americans over 65 years of age. In the United States, it is responsible for nearly 300,000 […]

World Health Day 2009-Save Lives and Make Hospitals Safe in Emergencies

April 7, 2009, World Health Organization (WHO) is celebrating World Health Day, focusing on emergency health care. WHO urges the public health care facilities and […]

5 Nerve Wrecking Phobias

Fear of situations and people can be normal if it is within bounds. This is not the same in all situations. We fear people for […]

10 Ways of Mastering Your Thoughts

smiley ballOur lives are very complicated these days. We lead stressful lives and worry about many issues like deadlines, time management..

Meeting with Dr. Prema Menon, Pediatrician

Dr. Prema MenonDr. Prema Menon, Pediatrician Consultant, Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. M.B.B.S Osmania..

Elderly Face Cognitive Decline Prior to Death

Cognitive Decline The most difficult phase in one’s life is growing old. An active person has to adjust to the decline in mental faculties..