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Can Major Depression Cause Genetic Risk?

According to a recent research, scientists have discovered that a new type of gene is linked to major depression. This research that was published in […]

Even Mild Stress Might Cause Long-Term Disability

According to a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (online), even mild stress might cause inability to work and long term […]

Bilingualism Observed in Brain Neurons – Cotransmission

Cells of the brain are called the neurons. They seek the help of signaling molecules known as neurotransmitters for communication. Generally, one neurotransmitter is known […]

Gene Therapy to Control Parkinson’s Symptoms

An experimental treatment showed positive results of gene therapy test against sham operations. The study which was published in the journal, Lancet Neurology, patients who […]

Speaking Many Languages Might Protect the Memory

A new study which will be shortly presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology, states that speaking more than two languages […]

Short Mental Breaks From Work Keeps the Brain Focused

An interesting study appearing in the journal ai???Cognitionai??? says that even a slight diversion from the task can greatly improve our ability to concentrate and […]

College Freshmen Under Stress

College freshmen are feeling the pressures of recession and high school. This is affecting their emotional health, reveals an annual survey. There is a rise […]