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Reduce ai???Thatai??i?? Belly Fat With Low-Carb Diet!

Yes, you can reduce your deep belly fat with little or no change in weight by cutting down on carbohydrate rich food according to a […]

Pregnant Mothers Who Smoke Lower The Levels of HDL (Good) Cholesterol In Their Children ai??i?? Study Reveals!

A recent study by a group of researchers led by David Celermajer from the University of Sydney, Australia has shown that smoking by women during […]

Breath Test To Detect Vitamin B12 Deficiency!

A research team from the University of Florida, Gainesville and Metabolic Soluitons Inc., has come up with a new, cheaper, faster and a non-invasive technique […]

Frankincense For Osteoarthritis & Inflammatory Arthritis!

A team of researchers from Cardiff University has been observing the potential benefits of frankincense in reducing the symptoms and relieving from osteoarthritis and inflammatory […]

Latest Stem Cell Discovery – A New Hope For ALS Patients!

A team of scientists from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, with the help of iPSCs or induced pluripotent stem cells extracted […]

Changes in Hormone Levels Is The Connecting Link Between Low-Birth Weights & Obesity In Later Years!

Yes you read it right! Development of fetal brain region responsible for the appetite during its stay inside the motherai??i??s uterus is linked to the […]

Eating Strawberries Improves Antioxidant Capacity of Blood ai??i?? Study Reveals!

The first of its kind study conducted on healthy individuals has revealed that strawberries eaten on a daily basis have the capacity to enhance the […]

Oral Lung Cancer Drug To Protect The Healthy Tissue From Radiation Effects!

A recent clinical testing of a substance named manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD) plasmid liposome in patients suffering from advanced stage non-small cell lung cancer has […]

Artificial Fat Substitutes Used In Foods May Lead To Obesity!

If you are having low calorie potato chips and some other foods with synthetic/artificial fat substitutes included in them, beware! You are on the verge […]

Fat Stem Cells Worked Wonders For Patients Suffering From Peripheral Vascular Disease!

Three patients who have undergone a surgical procedure involving their own stem cells for peripheral vascular disease report amazing improvement since the period when the […]

Human Organs To Be Grown In Pigs Using Human Stem Cells!

Patients awaiting organ transplants need not worry anymore! Scientists are testing the prospects of growing human organs using human stem cells inside the bodies of […]

Vitamin D Can Fight Against Gingivitis & Periodontitis!

A recent research study conducted by Gill Diamond of New Jersey Dental School, Newark has showed that gingival cells treated with vitamin D in the […]

No Increased Risk Of Allergies In Children Exposed To Pets ai??i?? Study Reveals!

Parents having small kids, who think twice before getting a pet to stay with them fearing the increase of allergies in children can now relax! […]

Human Clinical Trials Using Embryonic Stem Cells For Eye Disorders To Begin In July!

People suffering from incurable eye disorders can heave a sigh of relief now! Clinical trials on humans suffering from difficult-to-treat eye diseases which can further […]

Low Cancer Risk & Decreased Tumor Growth Is Possible With A High-Protein & Low-Carbohydrate Diet!

Yes, you got it right! A recent study conducted on different mice strains revealed this. Letai??i??s look into the details of the study and its […]