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What are Pandemics?

Pandemic is an epidemic of the infectious disease which spreads from one person to another across a large area, for example multiple continents or across […]

Epidemic vs Pandemic

Both pandemics and epidemics afflict large number of people. These diseases are transmitted either through media such as food, air or water or through direct […]

Typhus – Symptoms and Treatment for Typhus

Typhus is any of many similar diseases that are caused by Rickettsiae. This name is derived from Greek word “typhos” which means hazy or smoky, […]

Causes of Epidemics

An epidemic develops when new cases of a particular health issue or disease develop in people during a specific period. This condition may not be […]

What are Epidemics?

An epidemic develops when new cases of a particular disease spread rapidly in a given human population in a given period. The disease may not […]

Mechanism of Producing Large Number of Beta Cells is Discovered

Experts from UCLA’s Larry L. Hillblom Islet Research Center have found that endocrine cells and beta cells can be converted into each other. There study […]

How Bacteria Become Antibiotics-Resistant

Researchers from the Penn University have found how certain bacteria have managed to be as a antibiotics-resistant. The results of their research are published in […]

New Research Can Help in Treating Tuberculosis Effectively

One-third of people in the world suffer from Tuberculosis. 2 million individuals lose their lives owing to this dreadful lung disease. It is caused by […]

Playing Video Games Can Help Stroke Survivors with Motor Disability

Researchers from St. Michael’s Hospital have found that playing video games can improve the motor functions of stroke patients by five times in comparison to […]

Sugar Levels Increase After Drinking Coffee Says Research

80 percent of people all over the world consume coffee every daily. There are 220 million diabetic patients worldwide. Though these two statistics appear to […]

Researchers Have Discovered a Gene Associated with Alcohol Consumption

According to a research study carried out by the experts of Imperial College London, a gene has been discovered which is associated with the intake […]

Coffee After High Fat Meal Doubles the Blood Sugar Level

It is a know fact that having a high fat meal increases the blood sugar levels in the body considerably in healthy individuals. High presence […]

Novel Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes Discovered

Experts from UT Southwestern Medical Center have discovered a new hormone which functions similar to the signaling molecule insulin. The details of their study are […]

Link Between Low Birth Weight and Obesity in Later Years is Explained

According to researchers from the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, inadequate nutrition during pregnancy can cause the stem cells of the […]

Can Gene Therapy Provide Cure for AIDS?

HIV virus is responsible for the pandemic AIDS. As of now no known cure for this disease exist. But, according to a latest research published […]