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Lifestyle Changes can Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Lifestyle Changes: Researchers suggest that lifestyle modifications like exercising regularly, limiting alcohol and losing weight can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Researchers at the […]

Teensai??i?? Dieting Problems Stretch till Adulthood

Teens who suffer from disordered eating and dieting issues in adolescence continue to feel their ill-effects into adulthood, reveals a new research study. These issues […]

Diabetes Rate Doubles Worldwide, Reveals Study

The scourge of diabetes has doubled in the last thirty years reveals a new study. In 1980, there were 153 million diabetics in the world […]

Curbing Calories Necessary for Weight Loss

Diabetics who want to lose excess weight should focus on curbing calories by adopting low-fat diets which are high in either protein or carbs, reveals […]

Reduce ai???Thatai??i?? Belly Fat With Low-Carb Diet!

Yes, you can reduce your deep belly fat with little or no change in weight by cutting down on carbohydrate rich food according to a […]

Pregnant Mothers Who Smoke Lower The Levels of HDL (Good) Cholesterol In Their Children ai??i?? Study Reveals!

A recent study by a group of researchers led by David Celermajer from the University of Sydney, Australia has shown that smoking by women during […]

European E.coli Toll Rises to 44

The death toll in the deadly European E.coli outbreak has risen to 44, with 43 deaths in Germany. The other person died in Sweden. There […]

Many US States Stop Funding for Circumcision

Colorado has joined 17 other states in withdrawing Medicaid funding for circumcision of newborn boys. The cash-strapped state hopes to save about $186,500 each year […]

Weight Loss Surgery can Cure Diabetes

Weight loss surgery can cure diabetes in obese patients, reveals a review of previous studies. The report was featured in the Archives of Surgery. It […]

Autism More Common in High-Tech Areas

A new research study suggests that computer programmers, engineers and other technology specialists may be more likely to produce autistic children, compared with others. Researchers […]

Breath Test To Detect Vitamin B12 Deficiency!

A research team from the University of Florida, Gainesville and Metabolic Soluitons Inc., has come up with a new, cheaper, faster and a non-invasive technique […]

Frankincense For Osteoarthritis & Inflammatory Arthritis!

A team of researchers from Cardiff University has been observing the potential benefits of frankincense in reducing the symptoms and relieving from osteoarthritis and inflammatory […]

US Experts Seek More Funding for Alzheimerai??i??s

Health experts urged the US government to raise research funding for Alzheimerai??i??s which is fast becoming a debilitating disease in the US and worldwide. They […]

Report Reveals How to Prevent Childhood Obesity

The Institute of Medicine has issued a report which suggests many ways to curb childhood obesity. Recommendations include good sleep routines, healthy eating and regular […]

Driving in the sun can Cause Left-Side Skin Cancer

New research suggests that US drivers face increased risk of getting skin cancer on the left side of their bodies which are exposed to the […]