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shutterstock_39734485 Cervical Spondylosis With Myelopathy – What are the Causes?

Cervvical Spondylosis with Myelopathy indicates functional impairment in the spinal cord, usually caused by degeneration of facet joints and discs. This is the common disorder […]

Causes of Leg Edema

There are several factors or causes of leg edema. Besides blood vessels, water can be found in interstitial spaces between body tissues and in the […]

Dry Lips Causes

Dry lips can be very unattractive and painful. Most people ignore them. They take it for granted that they will heal themselves but it is […]

Aplastic Anemia Causes

Aplastic anemia is a condition which develops when the body stops producing required new blood cells. This condition makes you feel fatigued and increases the […]

Tongue Ulcer Causes

Tongue is an important sensory organ and has many muscles. Tongue’s upper surface is covered with taste buds and papillae. There are several factors which […]

Fluid in Ears Causes

The ear is one of the sensory organs. It not only helps in hearing but also aids in maintaining balance of the body. An ear […]

Cold Sweat Causes

Most of us are familiar with the term cold sweats and might have experienced at some point of life. Coldness, extreme perspiration and nervousness are […]

Cerebral Hemorrhage Causes

Cerebral hemorrhage is also called intercerebral hemorrhage or brain hemorrhage. This is a subtype of intracranial hemorrhage, that is bleeding or hemorrhage in the skulls. […]

Gestational Diabetes Causes

Scientifically, gestational diabetes is called Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. As the name suggests, it afflicts women during pregnancy. Women suffering from gestational diabetes don’t show any […]

Toxic Shock Syndrome Causes

Toxic shock syndrome is a health condition that is triggered by the toxic substances released by certain bacteria. This is a rare bacterial infection, but […]

Tension Headache Causes

Tension headache is the most common headache type among the adults. These are often called stress headaches. If a tension headache occurs periodically, i.e., 10 […]

Causes of Nausea

Nausea is the urge or feeling to want to regurgitate or throw up the food which has been consumed. This is an annoying feeling which […]

Dry Throat Causes

Dry throat is also called sore throat. It is characterized by the dry scratchy throat and in some cases, a sore feeling around and in […]

Protein in Urine Causes

In medical terms, protein in urine is called Proteinuria. Actually, it is an abnormal high amount of serum protein in urine. The protein in the […]

Body Acne Causes

Body acne is similar to the facial acne. Acne is caused by same factors, whether it appears on face or other body parts. However, there […]