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How to Slow Down Aging Process How to Slow Down Aging Process

Aging is a naturally occurring process and its effects on body depends on the person’s lifestyle. Sometimes, some people in their 60’s look as if they are in their 40’s and some people who are in their 50’s look as if the are in their 30’s. People wonder about their secrets.

How Does An Apple Cleansing Fast Work? How Does An Apple Cleansing Fast Work?

The apple cleansing fast was put forth by a famous diet advocate, psychic and prophet, Edgar Cayce. The cures he prescribed were mainly focused on herbs, foods and lifestyle changes so that the illnesses are treated naturally.

Extrinsic Asthma Extrinsic Asthma

There are different forms of asthma and extrinsic asthma is one of it. Extrinsic asthma is caused by exposure to particular kinds of allergens like pollen and dust particles and which later develop to severe type of asthma.

Effects of crack Effects of Crack

Many addicts shell out exorbitant amounts of money to buy and use crack cocaine. They are only harming their health in return for their huge […]

How-to-Deal-with-a-Busy-Husband How to Deal with a Busy Husband

Dealing with an extremely busy husband can be very challenging for a wife and can be very painful and depressing for the kids who want […]

How-to-Deal-with-Jealousy-in-a-Relationship How to Deal with Jealousy in a Relationship

Jealousy stems from fear and insecurity. Sometimes it is also about control, as a jealous spouse wants to control his or her partner. Jealousy can […]

How-to-Cope-With-a-Selfish-Spouse Six Signs of a Jealous Spouse

In a marriage, a spouse can be victimized by a jealous and possessive partner. Both men and women can become jealous of their spouse. Below […]

How-To-Deal-With-A-Controlling-Husband How To Deal With A Controlling Husband

You did not intend to, but now stuck with a controlling husband. This can happen to any woman, so do not blame yourself for what […]

How-to-Cope-With-a-Selfish-Spouse How to Cope With a Selfish Spouse

Everyone is different. We all have our own unique quirks and personality traits. Some people are generous and kind, whereas some are self-centered and selfish. […]

How-to-Get-Your-“Commitment-Phobic-Guy”-to-Marry-You How to Get Your “Commitment Phobic Guy” to Marry You

A “commitment phobic man” will always try to escape long-term commitments. These men even have trouble sticking with one job for any length of time, […]

Safe Diet Ideas for Teenage Girls

The teenage years are the time when young boys and girls are most concerned about their physical appearance. They are not afraid to try out […]

Teenage Insomnia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Teenagers face sleeping disorders, and insomnia is quite common among them. Insomnia among the teens can be caused mostly by emotional problems, anger, exam stress, […]

Causes of Infidelity

Infidelity is caused by several reasons.  But here are nine causes for infidelity between married couples. Spousal Neglect: No one likes to be neglected, especially […]

Catathrenia – Causes of Catathrenia

A few persons have been observed to hold their breath and groan during expiration while sleeping. Such kind of condition is clinically termed as Catathrenia. […]

Top 4 Sleeping Pills Overdose Victims

Most victims consume sleeping pills in excess of the prescribed dose as an attempt of suicide. Such victims require immediate medical attention. Consuming hazardous amount […]