Teenage Smoking

Most people start smoking in their teenage years. So this is the period when one needs to be extra vigilant and avoid all temptations to start smoking. In this article, we reveal useful information about teen smoking that can help you avoid smoking cravings.

Teenage Smoking Facts in the US

  • Every day, about 3,000 children start their smoking habit. Out of these 3,000 kids, about 1,000 will die due to smoking-related causes.
  • There are about three million adolescent smokers.
  • Typically, teens start smoking around age 16.
  • About 20% of American teenagers are smokers. This adds up to about six million US teens.
  • Adolescent girl smokers who also use oral birth control pills are at higher risk of suffering strokes and blood clots.
  • Teenage smokers are more likely to drink alcohol, smoke marijuana and use cocaine.
  • About 75% of high school smokers continue with their dreadful habit 7 to 9 years after schooling.
  • An adolescent smoker has more difficulty quitting and suffers more health problems compared to a smoker who starts around age 21.
  • Kids who start smoking suffer reduced lung growth, health problems and poor fitness.
  • Peer influence has a great impact on children and they are more likely to start smoking if their friends also smoke.
  • Greater than 90% of adult smokers started their habit in their teenage years.
  • Children of smoking parents are more likely to start smoking themselves.

Report on Teenage Smoking

A recent US Surgeon General report reveals that tobacco advertising greatly influences teenagers to start smoking. The good news is that government policies have effectively reduced the prevalence of smoking among teenagers. Teens in a survey revealed that they smoke to rebel against the advice of health officials and parents. But student athletes said they do not smoke as the habit can affect their athletic performance.

More teenagers also tried out marijuana as they believe it is not as harmful as tobacco. Smoking cigarettes can be a gateway to using marijuana. The report says prevention campaigns like price increases and mass media messages have succeeded in dissuading many teens from smoking. Equally effective are smoke-free regulations in the community and anti-smoking school programs.

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