Diet for Teens

Diet for teenagers needs to include plenty of nutrients and vitamins to fuel this growing stage. So, parents should encourage healthy eating habits in their teen at home. These healthy habits will stand them in good stead through college and adulthood. Teens should include lean protein, whole grains, vegetables and fruits in their diet.

Diet for Teens

Read on to learn useful tips to formulate your own healthy diet for teens:

  • Never skip breakfast. Though you may be in a hurry to catch the school bus, try your best to eat a nutritious morning meal every day. To ensure high energy levels through the morning, your breakfast can include fresh strawberries, nonfat yogurt and whole-wheat cereal.
  • If you feel hungry between meals, treat yourself to a healthy snack like whole-wheat crackers, low-fat cheese, grapes, celery sticks and carrots. These snacks can satisfy your hunger pangs and ensure you do not overeat during lunch and later meals. They can also help to maintain high energy levels.
  • Eat plenty of protein varieties which can be found in fish, poultry and vegetables. Nutritious foods that contain lean protein include mackerel, salmon, skinless chicken breast, black beans and chickpeas.
  • Eat whole grains replacing simple carbs. This is advised because foods like whole-wheat bread, buckwheat pasta, bran and oatmeal can provide lasting energy to fuel the body. On the other hand, foods with simple carbs like sugary cereals, white pasta, white bread and white rice transform quickly into sugar and provide only short energy bursts. So, educate your teen to consume foods with whole grains at home and outside.
  • Diet for teens should include single-ingredient food items like olive oil, chicken, broccoli and carrots as these are more nutritious compared to a boxed or frozen meal. This is because frozen and boxed foods contain preservatives, sugar and chemicals. At the grocery store, educate your child to purchase the best single-ingredient foods.


Diet for teens is all about consuming nutritious foods in moderation and doing regular exercise to maintain good health and ward off obesity. Your teen should be educated about the dangers of wanton consumption of fast food and sugary drinks. With adequate care and attention, teens can ensure that they eat the best and most nutritious foods to fuel their physical growth.

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