Menstrual Acne Ways to Prevent Menstrual Acne

Most women and girls develop acne just before their periods. Acne that pops out before periods is known as menstrual acne. The imbalances and fluctuations in hormonal levels trigger acne, whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. Yet another major cause of acne is stress. Though you cannot avoid the occurrence of menstrual acne, you can try some ways to prevent it to a certain extent.

Effective Ways to Prevent Menstrual Acne

Menstrual Acne – Ways to Prevent Menstrual Acne

Keep your Skin Dry and Clean

This is the best way to control menstrual acne. Often, wash your face with a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water every day. This can avoid accumulation of dirt and oil on the skin. If your skin seems to be too oily, then you use exfoliate. This helps to remove the excess oils and dirt from the skin. If your skin type is oily, it is prone to acne and pimples. If this is the case, avoid using oil-based skin products and use only water-based skin products.
Menstrual Acne – Ways to Prevent Menstrual Acne

Wash the Hair Frequently

If your hair is oily, then there is a greater chance of acne flare-ups. To control acne, you have to make a point to wash your hair every day using a mild shampoo. Follow this at least a week before your periods begin.
Menstrual Acne – Ways to Prevent Menstrual Acne

Avoid Stress

The stress levels usually rise before periods. This is a major factor for menstrual acne. The only thing you can do is to keep your stress under control and avoid getting exaggerated. Try taking a good rest and relax at least 15 – 20 minutes every day during work hours. Whenever you feel that you are over-stressed, try to take deeper breaths. This helps you to come back to normal state. You can even practice meditation.
Menstrual Acne – Ways to Prevent Menstrual Acne

Keep your Skin Hydrated

Dehydration leads to acne flare-ups. Therefore, it is better to keep your skin well hydrated especially before onset of periods. You should make it a point to drink at least 12 – 14 glasses of water. Also, stop consuming colas and soft drinks.
Menstrual Acne – Ways to Prevent Menstrual Acne

Take a Healthy Diet

Keeping yourself on a healthy balanced diet is important for preventing any kind of diseases and conditions. For controlling menstrual acne, consume a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals throughout the month. Healthy diet prepares the body to fight against menstrual acne. Foods rich in fatty acids, selenium and low fat containing dairy products can be included in your diet. Avoid simple carbohydrates, trans fats and saturated fats.
Menstrual Acne – Ways to Prevent Menstrual Acne

Intake of Birth Control Pills

Taking birth control pills are effective in controlling and preventing menstrual acne. They lower the androgen hormone production, which therefore lowers oil production in the skin. This ultimately minimizes acne break outs.

These are the best effective ways to control and prevent menstrual acne. Follow them and stay away from the frustrating acne during menstrual cycle.

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