What is Foot Numbness?

Foot numbness is marked by loss of sensation in the feet and toes. It is commonly caused by nerve damage or interrupted blood supply to the feet. Other causes are malignancy, trauma, inflammation, infection, tumors and stroke. If there is no serious cause, foot numbness usually disappears quickly when blood circulation in the feet is revived. In this article, we reveal some of the symptoms that commonly occur along with foot numbness, and the causes and treatments for this condition.

<strong>Symptoms that can Occur along with Foot Numbness</strong>
	<li>Sensitivity to touch</li>
	<li>Pins-and-needles sensation</li>
	<li>Muscle spasms</li>
	<li>Lower back pain</li>
	<li>Leg numbness</li>
	<li>Frequent urination</li>
	<li>Burning feeling</li>
	<li>Anxiety</li> </ul>

<strong>Causes of Foot Numbness</strong>
Circulatory causes can be due to:
	<li>Peripheral artery disease</li>
	<li>Cold temperatures and frostbite</li>
	<li>Deep vein thrombosis</li>
	<li>Buerger’s disease</li>
	<li>Arteriovenous malformation</li> </ul>

<strong>Orthopedic Causes of Foot Numbness</strong>
The following orthopedic causes can create foot numbness by damaging the nerves:
	<li>Herniated disk</li>
	<li>Degenerative disk disease</li>
	<li>Nerve entrapment</li>
	<li>Bone fractures</li>
	<li>Tight cast</li>
	<li>Back injury</li> </ul>

<strong>Neurological Causes of Foot Numbness</strong>
	<li>Vitamin B12 deficiency</li>
	<li>Transverse myelitis</li>
	<li>Systemic lupus erythematosus</li>
	<li>Spinal cord injury</li>
	<li>Heavy metal poisoning</li>
	<li>Peripheral neuropathy</li>
	<li>Multiple sclerosis</li>
	<li>Diabetic neuropathy</li> </ul>

<strong>Complications of Foot Numbness</strong>
The potentially serious complications that can be caused by foot numbness include:
	<li>Permanent pain</li>
	<li>Permanent loss of sensation</li>
	<li>Inability to walk</li>
	<li>Amputation</li> </ul>

<strong>Treatments for Foot Numbness</strong>

These vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system and central nervous system. So eat foods rich in B-complexes and B-vitamins to improve circulation and treat foot tingling and numbness.

<strong>Herbal Remedies</strong>
Herbalists recommend hawthorn berry to treat numbness and poor circulation. These berries work by dilating and strengthening arteries. Another useful herb is Ginkgo biloba which can treat persistent numbness by improving oxygen and blood supply to the feet.

<strong>Foods and Spices</strong>
Poor circulation and foot numbness can be alleviated by eating foods spiced with garlic and Cayenne pepper which can boost circulation to the feet. Another useful spice for this condition is ginger. You can also buy cayenne, garlic and ginger in the form of capsules and extracts.

<strong>Heat Treatment</strong>
Treat your numb feet with heating pads or soak them in hot water to relieve symptoms and dilate blood vessels. The efficacy of the hot soak is enhanced by adding Dead Sea salts, Epsom salts or aromatherapy oils.

A sedentary lifestyle can cause foot numbness due to poor circulation. Therefore, exercise regularly to stimulate circulation and remove numbness. Just 15-30 minutes of brisk walking every day is enough to improve blood circulation in the body.

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Please watch this video to learn how to effectively treat foot numbness and pain:
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