What is a French Pedicure?

The hallmark of a French pedicure is that two colors are used to polish the toenails. The first color applied is neutral and translucent which is followed up by applying a pure white polish. The main feature is using white nail polish which is applied according to the length of the toenails.

<strong>Great for Summer</strong>
A French pedicure becomes popular in summer when women like to flaunt their sexy feet in open-toed shoes and sandals. Some women prefer to sport this relatively sober fashion throughout the year instead of going for gaudier and more common shades like red or bright pink.

<strong>Other Pedicure Treatments</strong>
If you go to a spa, in addition to a French pedicure you can pamper and nourish your feet by opting for treatments like foot massage, callus removal and skin buffing. Some spas also include reflexology in their pedicure. Others offer paraffin treatment to help patrons with dry feet.

<strong>Tips for a Lovely French Pedicure at Home</strong>
Instead of going to an expensive spa, you can treat yourself to a fetching French pedicure right at home. The main thing you need to get right is making sure you paint an even white line on the toenail tops. You can buy a French pedicure kit at a pharmacy or drugstore and get started. We outline step-by-step what to do to give yourself a pretty French pedicure:
	<li>First, mix Epsom salts in warm water and soak your feet in it to soften them</li>
	<li>Then, remove any rough spots with a pumice stone</li>
	<li>Next rub Vaseline or lotion on your legs and feet to make them silky smooth</li>
	<li>Remove dead skin around the toenails with a cuticle trimmer</li>
	<li>Remove the previous nail polish from your toenails with a cotton wad</li>
	<li>Apply white nail polish on the toenail tips. Let it dry and then follow up by applying a second coat to get an even look</li>
	<li>Remove any excess white polish and try to paint a straight thin line. Do it slowly and carefully to get it right</li>
	<li>Allow the white coat to dry for some time</li>
	<li>Finally paint your nails with a clear coat to get a perfect and durable French pedicure that you can flaunt to win many admirers</li> </ul>

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Please watch this video to learn how to do a French pedicure at home:
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