Coconut Oil for Acne

Coconut oil for acne is the best way to get out of rough and acne prone skin. In today’s world, almost every person is suffering from acne. The main reason behind is increase in environment pollution. Though there are many lotions, scrubs, creams and facials, coconut can be considered to be the best traditional remedy for acne. You can find out how coconut oil for acne works and how it can be used for acne.
Coconut Oil for Acne

Coconut Oil for Acne

A most common belief is that acne is a problem of oily skin and one must stay away from skin care products which are oily. Yet, coconut oil may be used for acne prone skin. This is due to certain reasons listed below:

  • Coconut oil has two important acids called, lauric acid and caprice acid. These acids covert the infective acids present on the skin into monolaurin and monoaprin, therefore protecting the skin from infections. This makes the skin youthful and flawless.
  • It contains another important component, vitamin E. This vitamin also regulates the production of sebum and also unclogs the pores of the skin for preventing acne and pimple breakouts.
  • It even reduces the redness and pain on the skin.
  • The most important exceptional reason is the coconut oil helps in balancing the hormones and improves the metabolic rate.
  • It even prevents skin cancer

Coconut Oil for AcneCoconut oil along with apple cider vinegar is very effective. Many dermatologists suggest this combination to cure serious acne conditions.

How to Apply Coconut Oil for Acne

One has to clean the skin completely with a gentle cleanser. This opens up the pores of the skin such that coconut oil penetrates into the skin and nourishes it. Usually, virgin or organic coconut oil is beneficial when compared to ordinary coconut oil. Apply a thin coat of coconut oil on the face and massage gently. Now, let the oil stay on the skin for nearly 15 – 20 minutes such that it may be absorbed by the skin. Then rinse the face for removing excess oil from your skin. This helps in unclogging and cleansing the pores and also in eliminating waste products from your skin. Thus, it controls acne breakouts and also diminishes acne scars.

Which Coconut Oil to Prefer?

You need to pick up the best oil to use on acne. Do not use crude, unrefined oil as it may contain dust and therefore aggravates acne. The best choice is the Virgin Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil for acne cannot be considered as a permanent cure. It just improves healing process. But, it is better than many other lotions and creams. It is a safer and cheaper option and thus, anyone can afford it.

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