What is Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana has its share of proponents and opponents. Traditionally, marijuana has been smoked for recreation. But of late, it is getting recognition for its medicinal qualities such as alleviating pain and improving patients’ quality of life. In this article, we look at the beneficial uses of medical marijuana and where all it is legal in the US and the rest of the world. 

<strong>Benefits of Medical Marijuana </strong>
	<li>Stimulates hunger</li>
	<li>Relieves muscle spasms</li>
	<li>Relieves chronic pain</li>
	<li>Reduces interlobular pressure in the eye</li>
	<li>Suppresses nausea</li>
	<li>Increases metabolism and helps to lose weight</li>
	<li>AIDS patients can benefit from medical marijuana as it reduces symptoms like loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting caused by medications and the disease itself.</li>
	<li>Glaucoma patients can use it as marijuana relives internal eye pressure and pain, thereby slowing down or even halting the condition.</li>
	<li>Cancer medications cause side effects which can be alleviated with marijuana. Research suggests that this drug can also slow down the progression of certain cancer types.</li>
	<li>Multiple Sclerosis patients suffer unsteadiness, tremors, spasticity and muscle pain all of which can be alleviated by marijuana’s muscle relaxant qualities.</li>
	<li>Marijuana use can prevent epileptic seizures.</li>
	<li>Patients suffering from depression, obsession, mood disorders, bipolar disorder, panic disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder can use marijuana to expand their mind and elevate their mood.</li>
	<li>You can overcome physical addictions as the cannabinoids in medical marijuana produce healing effects.</li>
	<li>Its analgesic properties can help patients suffering from skeletal and spinal disorders, arthritis and migraine.</li>
	<li>Asthma sufferers can use it as a bronchodilator.</li>
	<li>Medical marijuana can also help to treat insomnia, hypertension and premenstrual syndrome.</li>
	<li>You can use it to get rid of alcohol hangovers and constipation.</li>
	<li>Medical marijuana is preferable to regular drugs as it is easier on the kidneys, liver and other organs.</li> </ul>

<strong>Marinol is Effective</strong>
The medicinal properties of marijuana have been harnessed to make a prescription product called Marinol. This pill contains synthetic THC which can effectively relieve vomiting and nausea suffered by cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy treatment. AIDS sufferers can use Marinol to overcome loss of appetite. 

<strong>How it Works</strong>
Marijuana contains a compound called THC which can relieve pain and has a beneficial impact on the brain regions that control sleep, memory and pain sensation. 

<strong>Where can You Buy Medical Marijuana in the US?</strong>
It is legal in the following states: Washington, Virginia, Vermont, Rhode Island, Oregon, New Mexico, New Jersey, Nevada, Montana, Michigan, Maine, Hawaii, Colorado, California, Arizona and Alaska. Besides, you can buy medical marijuana from pharmacies in Michigan, Montana, Rhode Island, Maine, New Mexico, Colorado and California. 

<strong>Countries Where Medical Marijuana is Legal</strong>
Portugal, Finland, Italy, Israel, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Canada

Opponents of medical marijuana say it can be dangerous because it is smoked. Therefore, it is safer to consume it in other forms than smoking. Insurance companies in the US do not cover this drug though it is cheaper than normal medications. 

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Please watch this informative video on medical marijuana to learn more:
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