What are Foot Detox Pads?

Foot detox pads are one of the latest fads in the health market. Their makers claim these pads can suck out toxins from your body as you sleep. Some foot detox pad manufacturers claim these can also help to lose weight, treat depression and lower blood pressure. You are supposed to stick the pad to your soles overnight for a month. In the morning, you will find that the pad has become dark and discolored which the makers say is a sign that it has leached out toxins from your body. 

<strong>What they Contain?</strong>
These pads host natural ingredients like a mixture of herbs, plants and wood vinegar, and a mineral called tourmaline. These ingredients help to draw out toxins like arsenic and lead, and improve cell function, the manufacturers say. 

<strong>Alleged Benefits of Foot Detox Pads</strong>
Some makers claim these products can remove cellulite, chemicals, mucous, parasites, toxins, metabolic wastes and heavy metals from the body. Other claimed benefits include: 
	<li>Promote wellness and vibrant health</li>
	<li>Improve sleep quality</li>
	<li>Help in blood circulation</li>
	<li>Naturally cleanse the lymphatic system</li>
	<li>Improve the immune system </li> </ul>

<strong>Do they Really Work?</strong>
The makers of foot detox pads do not show any scientific evidence to back up their tall claims. Also, they do not list the quantity of ingredients these pads allegedly contain. A big fuss is made about the fact that the pads become dark and dirty after being used. Most likely it is because they pull off debris, dirt and dead skin from the soles. But there is no evidence that they suck out heavy metals, cellulite, parasites and toxins as claimed by their makers. 

Do not be in a hurry to subscribe to the health fad of foot detox pads simply because there is no scientific evidence to show they are effective or even safe. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission has accused that the distributors of these products are resorting to deceptive advertising. Since foot detox pads sound too good to be true, do not invest your hard-earned money into them right away but wait for conclusive scientific proof that they are the real deal. 

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For more information on foot detox pads, please watch this video:
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