What is Splenda?

Splenda (sucralose) is sugar treated with chlorine and is much sweeter compared to normal sugar. Splenda is bulked up with corn syrup solids, which is real sugar. It is today used in thousands of products bringing huge profits to its maker, McNeil Nutritionals. 

<strong>Is Splenda Safe?</strong>
Many health experts say Splenda is not safe for consumption. In fact, some compare it with the insecticide DDT because of its chemical structure. The Splenda craze has come about because it is perceived as “natural” and “made from sugar”. The fact is we do not know the long-term effects of this sweetener on humans because there has been no conclusive research yet on this topic. 

<strong>Splenda Side Effects</strong>
There is evidence however that Splenda can cause side effects such as migraines, stomach pain, bladder issues, intestinal cramping, headaches, muscle aches, swelling, diarrhea, numbness and dizziness, agitation, skin flushing and rashes. However, these side effects are caused mostly in people who are allergic or sensitive to sucralose. Health experts warn that we should become wiser after the bitter experience with the sweetener aspartame which caused adverse effects in rodents in studies. These side effects also started affecting vulnerable humans later on. 

<strong>Points to Ponder</strong>
The FDA is not that keen about safety trials for food additives like artificial sweeteners. And, the food industry funds the testing which means the outcome may be manipulated leading to misleading claims. To be on the safe side, be prudent while using Splenda products and avoid giving them to your children. 

<strong>Splenda May Stimulate Appetite</strong>
If you think that substituting Splenda for sugar can make you lose weight, you are wrong. In fact, there is some research evidence that artificial sweeteners like Splenda can end up stimulating appetite. 

The usage of artificial sweeteners in foods and drinks is ever-increasing in the US. But, are they actually healthy and meet dietary needs? Or, do they make bad dietary choices? We urge you to consult a diet expert before you start using Splenda products regularly. 

<strong>Resources: </strong>
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For more information about Splenda, please watch this video:
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