How To Paint Toenails – Steps to Paint Toenails

Finely manicured Toenails enhance the beauty of your feet. The application of nail polish adds more to its beauty. And moreover painting toenails is easier compared to painting fingernails as both the hands will be free. Here are the tips on how to paint toenails and believe they are so simple that you easily perform.

How to Paint Toenails?

Here are few basic steps which must be followed while applying paint on your toenails. These are:
How To Paint Toenails
Remove the Old Nail Polish – Remove your previous nail polish and clean your nails with the help of nail polish removers. Painting on the old polish never gives a good look. You can use a q-tip to clean the edges of the nail.

Buff the Nail Tops – Toenails are usually rough when compared to the fingernails. Nail buffer helps to make the nails smooth and nice. It even removes any old polish residues and makes the newly painted nails look better.
How To Paint Toenails
Clip and File the Toenails – Cut short your nails and trim them to short and straight size. You can even file it to a desired shape, may be rounded or pointed as you wish.
How To Paint Toenails
Wash and Clean the Toenails – Wash the nails to remove any enamel remover residues. Apply some oil or moisturizer to keep your nails nourished.

Apply Base Coat – The step to apply any nail polish is to apply the base coat first. The base coat acts the filter for your nail polish on the edges. This will prevent your nail polish from messing up one the nail polish is applied. After applying the base, leave it for drying for at least 5 minutes.
How To Paint Toenails
Apply your Chosen Color – Now, apply your colored nail polish over the base. Make sure that you apply at least 2 coats of it on the base coat. In case any bubble is formed while applying the nail paint makes sure that you remove the entire coat and apply it afresh.

Apply a Second Coat – Make sure, that the application of the second layer of nail polish must be done once the first coat has dried off. So, after finishing with your first coat leave your nails for some time and then apply the second coat.

Hope this article on how to paint toenails helped you in getting with the simple ways to paint your nails. Be creative and try out various styles. Happy painting your toenails!!!!!

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