What are Light Cigarettes?

If you think “light” and “ultralight” cigarettes are safer than regular ones, you couldn’t be more wrong. Light cigarettes are so called because they contain lower amounts of nicotine and tar. But actually, smokers inhale the same amounts of nicotine and tar when they smoke light cigarettes as compared to regular ones. The tobacco industry has known this fact for decades, but has still continued to market these “light” cigarettes to lure gullible users.

Why Light Cigarettes are Dangerous
Smokers of these products inhale larger puffs to compensate for their lower tar and nicotine content. Smokers crave nicotine and to satisfy their craving they take more frequent, rapid and larger puffs when smoking light cigarettes. They may also end up smoking more light cigarettes every day to satiate their nicotine craving. Thus in reality, light cigarette smokers may be inhaling more nicotine, tar and harmful chemicals compared to smokers of regular ones.

Research reveals that the different design of light cigarettes does not lower the risk of disease due to smoking. The bottom line is no cigarette can be called safe. US courts have banned the usage of terms such as “ultralight”, “light”, “low” and “mild” on cigarette packs. But tobacco makers have begun using color-coded packs to market light cigarettes to buyers.

Light Cigarettes and Cancer
Smokers of any type of cigarette have a much higher risk of developing lung cancer compared to non-smokers. In fact, smoking adversely affects almost every organ in the body and drastically diminishes overall health. Light cigarette smokers inhale similar amounts of toxic chemicals which makes them vulnerable to developing cancers of the cervix, stomach, pancreas, bladder, kidney, throat, mouth, larynx and esophagus, besides lungs.

Tobacco Lobby’s False Contentions
The tobacco industry very well knows there is a major difference in the nicotine and tar content of light cigarettes as measured by machines and the actual amounts inhaled by the smoker. Yet cigarette makers still continue to reassure users that light and filtered cigarettes are safer than regular ones.

The Bottom line
It is up to you, the consumer, to realize that smoking is an expensive and illogical path to a reduced quality of life and early death. So quit smoking cigarettes, including the so-called “light” varieties immediately, to drastically improve your health and quality of life over the long run.

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To know the truth about “light” cigarettes, please watch this video:

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