Arthritis Pain Medications – The Side Effects

People who suffer from arthritis pains would rejoice any drug or medicine that would make their pain go away. But of late, more and more arthritis pain medications have to be reverted due to the issue of complicated side-effects they are bringing along with the cure. So, sufferers of arthritis are turning towards alternative techniques and medications for pain relief.

Arthritis Pain Medications Arthritis Pain Medications

Arthritis medications which promise pain relief can be into any of the following three categories-

  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • narcotics
  • steroids

While we know what devastating effects long-term usage of steroids can bring, the other two categories of medicines are still being studied for their side-effects. Steroids, if used over a long-term can damage, the bone tissue.

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs: Vioxx and COX-2 inhibitors, Bextra

Arthritis Pain Medications These considered to be some of the best prescribed pain relieving arthritis medications have now been withheld.

  • The reason for withholding these drugs can be associated with the complications arising in kidneys and heart of the user. The arteries tend to get hardened along with a blood pressure increase in the user.
  • Elders who were frequent users of these prescribed medications were the most to suffer from these issues.

Narcotics: Hydrocodone (Vicodin) and Codeine

They belong to the narcotics category of arthritis medication.

  • The most serious problem with these drugs was found to be dependency. People who use this drug over a long-term in a way become addicted to it.
  • Addiction can lead to increase of dosage in order to relieve pain, but an increased dosage can cause respiratory failure which can prove to be fatal.

Arthritis pain medications are a huge hit among most pharmaceutical companies today than the patients. In a bid to cash in on the requirement of these medicines, most companies are actually side-lining the side-effects that these medications can bring.

Natural medicine is a much safer when compared to any steroid or a narcotic. For more information on arthritis medications and their side effects, watch this video:

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