What is Cold Feet?

Cold feet are caused most often in winter because blood circulation moves in from the extremities to sustain core body temperature. If severe cold feet continue for long, it can cause frostbite and even lead to amputation. In this article, we reveal the causes and treatments for cold feet.

Causes of Cold Feet
Cold feet can also be caused by health problems like diabetes and cardiovascular conditions. If you think your cold feet are due to a medical problem, consult your doctor immediately. There are other conditions too which can cause cold feet and which are listed below:

Reynaud’s Phenomenon
This condition is more commonly experienced by women and is due to a circulation disorder. It is believed to occur as a side effect of some other problems. Symptoms are tingling and numbness in the toes and fingers. The skin may also turn blue or pale, after which the affected area starts to redden. You should warm your toes and fingers to stimulate blood flow to these areas.

Buerger’s Disease
Smoking men between 20 to 40 years are vulnerable to this disease. In such patients, smoking severely tightens the blood vessels, leading to destruction of skin tissue, infection and even gangrene. Therefore, patients should quit smoking all together to improve their blood circulation.

Peripheral Vascular Disease
This condition narrows and hardens the blood vessels in the feet, resulting in cold feet. The narrowing occurs because of plaque buildup in the arteries. This condition is commonly experienced by sufferers of stroke, kidney disease, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Smokers also run a high risk. Treatment entails clearing the blockages through medication or surgery to improve blood flow and relieve cold feet.

Other Causes of Cold Feet
Some rare causes are medicine side effects, autoimmune disorders and hormone abnormalities.

Treatment for Cold Feet
Treatment depends on the cause. If cold weather is the cause, wear warm socks or thermal clothes to keep your feet warm. You can also wear air-activated foot warmers which can be slid inside shoes or socks to give warmth. To treat vascular causes, consult a cardiologist for appropriate medication. By curing the problem that reduced the blood flow, you can get rid of cold feet.

How to Prevent Cold Feet
To reduce the chances of developing vascular ailments that affect blood circulation, please follow these tips:

  • Your daily diet should be rich in fiber, lean protein, vegetables and fruits, and low in salt, cholesterol and fat.
  • Exercise regularly to keep fit and healthy.
  • Go for regular medical checkups to detect ailments early.
  • If you are a smoker, quit smoking immediately.

Though cold feet are not a serious condition, beware of it if you suffer it chronically, as it can be a symptom of a vascular or cardiac problem. If cold feet persist for long, consult a doctor to identify and treat the cause of the problem and ensure warm and cosy feet.

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For useful tips on how to improve foot circulation, please watch this video:

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