What are Minx Nails

Minx nails are a new innovative method of nail polish application without any traditional liquid nail polishes. The sparkling colors are made from a adhesive that can be applied on the natural nail bed using heat. They come in a variety of patterns and colors, and can be a colorful and artful new way to have fashionable hands and nails. They are waterproof and long lasting.

Minx nails have become a phenomenon among celebrities, creating a tidal wave of popularity that can only be satisfied at a salon. You must go to a professional manicurist to have these nails applied. The possibilities are unlimited with its simple designs.
Minx Nails

Minx Nails Application Process

The professional manicurists firstly find out a minx template that suits the nail bed. The adhesive back part is removed applied to the nail and excess part is filed away. It lasts for over 1 – 2 weeks and has no odor. These nails can be removed by applying heat and peeling the template slowly.

  • The nails are placed under a minx heater for activation. Then a template that suits to the nail bed in removed.
  • Wipe the nail bed with a cotton pad using alcohol. Avoid using acetone. Remove minx nail from the sheet and hold it under the heat till it softens. Now apply minx nail on the nail bed and spread it to the sides.
  • After applying to all the nails, file away the excess minx nail using a crystal file. Avoid filing the top part. Let it cool for about 20 seconds and then file.
  • Use an orange-wood stick to smooth the nail areas.

Minx nails became famous from Rhianna, who made a splash by appearing with her Minx nails done in glittery silver chrome. Since then the fashion world has been all over the Minx experience.

An alternative to these nails is foil; available in many colors and designs, it is less expensive and easier to apply and does not use heat. Try something new and adventuresome with Minx, you’ll be glad you did.

This was an overview on Minx nails. Hope you got an idea on this new nail art application.

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