Useful Foot Products

There are many useful foot products in the market that can help alleviate foot problems. In this article, we provide information about a few of these and how you can use them to treat your foot problem.

<strong>Useful Foot Products to Cure Foot Odor</strong>
Foot odor is commonly caused by infection, excessive moisture or a topical skin condition. You can try the following products to get relief and flaunt your feet in public without embarrassment.

Moist feet lead to bacteria production which causes foot odor. Use an antiperspirant before wearing footwear to ensure your feet are dry inside. A popular antiperspirant available is ‘Dove’s Clinical Protection’.

You can sprinkle a powder-based deodorizer inside your footwear. This foot product absorbs excess moisture and bad odor to keep your feet dry and smelling fresh. An effective homemade deodorizer is mixing cornstarch and baking soda, and sprinkling it inside your socks and shoes.

<strong>Cotton Socks</strong>
These are preferable to nylon or synthetic socks as they absorb moisture better and reduce the odor. Health experts say wearing cotton socks is a simple yet effective method to prevent foot smell.

<strong>Athlete's Foot Medication</strong>
A skin infection called athlete’s foot can cause foot odor and itchy, red feet. To treat this condition, apply antifungal creams containing miconazole nitrate.

<strong>Antibacterial Soap</strong>
Wash your feet regularly with antibacterial soap to kill organisms that cause bad smell.

<strong>Useful Foot Products to Combat Foot Pain</strong>
Foot pain can be caused by many conditions and depending on the cause you can buy useful products to alleviate the pain. You can buy the following foot products at a drug store or pharmacy:

<strong>Metatarsal Pads</strong>
The ball of the foot is called the metatarsal part and it can be painfully affected by a condition called metatarsalgia. It is usually caused by ill-fitting footwear. To get relief, wear comfortable shoes and use metatarsal pads which provide cushioning to relieve pressure and pain in the affected part. You can also wear metatarsal bandages and cushions, and orthotics with built-in metatarsal pads.

These are shoe inserts which are placed in footwear to treat painful problems like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and overpronation. These insoles help to distribute weight evenly and effectively, and properly realign the foot. You can buy a suitable orthotic shoe insert for your condition at a store or get one custom made at an orthopedic or podiatrist’s clinic.

<strong>Bunion Products</strong>
Bunions are bone protrusions which cause a bump near the big toe joint. This condition can cause pain and inflammation. Common reasons for the formation of bunions are wearing ill-fitting shoes or narrow and tight high heels. Bunions are dreaded because they can cause pain while walking. Useful foot products for bunions which help to alleviate pain and discomfort are bunion bandages, bunion shields and bunion night splints.

We hope the above useful foot products discussed in this article can help to relieve your particular condition. Don’t forget to get the all-clear from your doctor before using any over-the-counter product.

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