Treatment for Sprained Ankle

An ankle sprain can take between six weeks to four months to heal, depending upon the severity. To protect the injured ligaments you should wear ankle support like hiking boots, air stirrup or an ankle brace. Take care not to put weight on the sprained ankle. In this article, we provide simple yet effective treatments for sprained ankle.

<strong>Treatments for Sprained Ankle</strong>

<strong>Give it Plenty of Rest</strong>
Provide plenty of rest to your sprained ankle for a few days. During this time, you can go swimming to keep active.

<strong>Ice the Affected Part</strong>
You can do this many times every day to minimize the swelling. To prevent frostbite, apply the ice pack only for about 15-20 minutes at a time.

Wrap your ankle to compress the injured part. You should do this whenever the foot is not elevated. Ensure the compression bandages are snug and not too tight. This is advised because too tight compression can impair circulation and slow down the healing process.

<strong>Elevate the Sprained Ankle</strong>
Keep some pillows under the sprained ankle to elevate it. This will help to reduce swelling and provide comfort to the sprained limb.

<strong>Use Crutches</strong>
For severe sprains, use a crutch to support your ankle. If the pain is bearable, put some weight on the ankle by using crutches and a brace to promote healing.

<strong>Exercises to Treat Sprained Ankle</strong>
It is essential to do rehab exercises especially if the leg is incapacitated for a long period due to the sprained ankle. This will prevent the injured ankle from becoming unstable and weak. Rehab exercises can prevent instability and long-term pain.  You can do the following exercises to treat your sprained ankle:
	<li>If the sprain is minor, you can try walking while wearing hiking shoes or similar footwear that supports the ankle. Wear these shoes only if you feel comfortable and if there is no pain.</li>
	<li>Do stretching exercises daily to keep your ankle supple and strong. These exercises can keep the Achilles tendon flexible as the ankle heals.</li>
	<li>Perform range-of-motion exercises after the injury to move around the joint.</li>
	<li>As soon as you are able to stand without pain, you can do strengthening exercises to make the supporting muscles strong.</li>
	<li>To prevent reinjury, you can do control and balance exercises. Only perform those exercises which you can perform without too much effort or trouble.</li>
	<li>Stop exercising immediately if you feel any pain or discomfort.</li>
We hope the above treatments for sprained ankle can help you overcome your condition. As soon as your ankle feels a bit better, you can start performing exercises to complement the rehab process.

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For more information on treatment for sprained ankle, please watch this video:
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