How to Grow Long Nails

Do you have unhealthy, short or stumpy looking nails? Are you in a state of disappointment with your nails? Are you crazy to have beautiful, long looking nails for which you can decorate as you like? Then here is the article on how to grow long nails that gives you tips to grow long nails. There are certain factors that help in nail growth and which you need to be aware of. These tips doesn’t even grab your budget moreover.

How to Grow Long NailsHow to Grow Long Nails

  • Diet – The nails, hair and the skin can reflect your health. The nails turn brittle and dry when the dietary intake is less in calcium and protein. Both calcium and protein need certain other nutrients to perform their job. Calcium needs phosphorus and magnesium to work efficiently and protein need amino acid.Taking foods rich in these nutrients is helpful as they bond with each other performing all kinds of jobs perfectly, including healthier and longer nail growth. Diet had a very good impact on nails.
  • Drink Water – Drinking excess water helps in nail growth. The multivitamins obtained by the water speeds up the nail growth.
  • Temperature – Undoubtedly, the nails grow quicker in warmer climates compared to colder climates. This may be probably due to certain chemical reaction.
  • Conditioning and Massaging Nails – Take olive oil in a bowl and soak your fingernails for at least 5 minutes. This is a very good conditioner and helps in promoting long nail growth. After this, massage your nail beds using your thumb. This helps in efficient blood supply to the nails making them healthy and strong.
  • Avoid using excess use of nail polish removers – These removers contain acetone, that dries away the nails. Even non-acetone removers dry out the nails when used repeatedly. Always apply a base coat before applying darker shades to prevent staining of nails.
  • Filing Nails – Whenever you file your nails, avoid doing back and forth. Instead file them in a single direction to avoid splitting.
  • Nail Strengtheners – This is the most beneficial option as it is more effective in growing nails. Nails are moreover less prone to damage and breakage.
  • Avoid biting your Nails – This is the worst habit that can create a very bad impact on the nails. Avoid biting so that your nails grow healthy and strong.

Hope this article on how to grow long nails will be helpful to you. Happy growing long nails!!!!!!!

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