How to Dry Nail Polish Quickly

There may be number of times you decide to paint your nails, and then realize that they are not drying in time. You may get really annoyed across these situations. Well, I decided to give you one of the easy ways and some other simple methods that will help to dry nail polish quickly. These ways can even make your nails look dazzling.

Effective Way to Dry Nail Polish Quickly
  • Fill some cold water in a bowl, large enough to soak your fingernails completely. Add even a few ice cubes in the bowl.
  • Now paint your nails. It would look good when you apply a thin first coat followed by another thin second coat.
  • Now slowly slip your fingernails into the bowl of cold water. Leave the nails for about 3 minutes and you can feel the cold.
  • The main reason to immerse the fingernails in cold water is that the polish dries away faster in cold water.
  • When you take out your nails, the nail polish dries away completely and becomes harder.

Methods to Dry Nail Polish Quickly

There are some more methods that can help you to dry nail polish quickly. They even saves the nail polish from unwanted smudges.

  • Blow-dry – Use a blow dryer to dry your nail polish quickly. Set the speed of the dryer to minimum while drying your nails. It just takes 2 minutes for drying the nail polish completely.
  • Use a Fan – This is the simplest method for drying nail polish. Just place your hands in front of the air flow coming from the fan. It may take longer, but it’s cost effective and keeps you cool.
  • Chilled Water – This is another method to dry. Immerse the nails in chilled water for about a minute after applying the nail polish. Place a bowl of water in the freezer compartment and leave for 15 minutes. Apply polish to nails and retrieve the bowl of water, dip you nails into it and let the polish set to a hard finish in the chilled water.
  • Nail Sprays – A variety of fast-drying nail sprays are available in beauty supply stores. After applying nail polish, spray your nails with an even and thin layer and let it dry. Use according to manufacturer’s directions.

These are some simple tips to dry nail polish quickly. As an alternative, you can also use dry nail polish strips rather than the normal nail polish.

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