Diet for Children

Children need healthy fuel in the form of nutritious food to make the most of their growing years. Therefore, diet for children should include plenty of vegetables, fruits, cereals and whole wheat bread. For protein, they should consume pulses, milk, soya products, fish and meat. In this article, we reveal all the ingredients required to formulate a healthy diet for children. Read on to learn more.

Diet for Children

Kids Need Healthy Calories
Children need extra calories, but don’t give them fatty and fried foods. Instead, they should eat baked and grilled foods. To raise the calorie count, kids can consume enriched cereals or whole grains. They should learn to avoid or minimize consuming sugary drinks and foods from a young age.

Protein is Essential
There is plenty of muscular development during a child’s growing years. Therefore, they need more essential amino acids compared to adults. Diet for children should include protein-rich foods like meat, eggs and milk.

Vitamin and Minerals
Early childhood is an important period during which the child requires plenty of iron and calcium. In fact, calcium deficiency can impact healthy bone growth in children. Some calcium-rich foods are fish, green leafy vegetables, milk products and milk, and yogurt.

Tips for Ideal Diet for Children

  • Don’t make your kids eat the same foods daily. Provide them variety just to mix things up and whet their appetite.
  • Involve the kids in cooking. They can help make easy items like sandwiches, smoothies, whole meal scones, fruit muffins, burgers, fishcakes, etc. You will find that children are more eager to eat the food they helped to cook.
  • Don’t encourage your child to skip any meal, especially breakfast. Research reveals that people who eat a hearty breakfast are more likely to be slimmer compared to those who skip this important meal.
  • Lead by example. Eat sensibly and work out regularly so that your child learns to do the same too.
  • Inform your child the importance of eating a healthy diet. Tell them that if they are hale and healthy, they are more likely to perform better at school and sports.
  • Many young girls wish to be pencil-thin like their favorite supermodels. Inform them about the drawbacks of starving and explain to them that eating a nutritious diet can give them strong nails, shiny hair and glowing skin. The girls will have more energy to study better and go shopping too.
  • Explain to the boys that consuming healthy foods can tone and build their muscles, and help them perform well at sports.
  • Don’t let your kid eat the junk food sold at school. Instead, make the effort to pack them a healthy lunch every day.
  • Encourage the kids to take part in fun activities with the entire family. You can all go swimming, hiking, cycling or play football.
  • Playing sports together with your child can help you bond with them better. Dads can play squash with their sons, while moms can go to aerobics or yoga classes with their daughters.

A healthy diet for children can ensure your kid makes the most of their growing years. It is advisable to encourage children to eat five meals every day, instead of three big ones. Discourage them from snacking between meals. Encourage them to take part actively in games and sports to build strength as well as increase their appetite.

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