How to Detox

If you are feeling sluggish, out of sync or are experiencing digestive problems, pains and aches or skin issues, maybe it’s the right time for a detox. Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine systems have practiced detoxification for centuries. You may ask how to detox? It is all about resting, clearing out toxins and nourishing your body. By eliminating toxins, you can improve your immunity and maintain good health.

How to Detox
The following methods can help you detox effectively:

  • Eat lots of fiber which is found in vegetables and fruits, and brown rice. Some of the best detoxifying foods are seaweed, chlorella, spirulina, broccoli, cabbage, arthichokes, radishes and beets.
  • Cleanse your liver by consuming green tea, and taking herbs like milk thistle, burdock and dandelion root.
  • Consume vitamin C as it helps in the production of a liver compound called glutathione, which eliminates toxins.
  • Drink plenty of water every day.
  • Learn the art of deep breathing to take in more oxygen and circulate it more thoroughly in your system. This will help relax your mind and body.
  • Overcome stress by practicing positive thinking.
  • Take sauna baths regularly to eliminate waste material through perspiration.
  • Exercise is perhaps the best method to detoxify. Practice jumping rope or yoga for about an hour daily.

How to Detox: Lifestyle Tips

  • Cut down on your TV time to free your mind of superficial materialism, celebrity gossip and annoying commercials.
  • Don’t waste too much time playing online games on the Internet or browsing useless sites.
  • Stop gossiping about others which would only lower your self-confidence and mood.
  • Quit smoking cigarettes immediately as they contain dangerous chemicals like arsenic, hydrogen cyanide, tar and nicotine. Limit your drinking to not more than a glass or two of alcohol every day.
  • Try to get a good night’s sleep to help your body recuperate fully and be refreshed for the next day.
  • Do not consume medications and pills for every teensy ailment. Too many chemicals can damage your kidneys, so pop in pills only for serious illnesses.

We hope our tips on how to detox can help you effectively detoxify your mind and body of impurities and stay healthy. Remember to consume everything in moderation to avoid overloading your body in the first place. Don’t forget to get the green signal from your doctor before you embark on any detoxifying regimen.

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