How to Remove Pimples

Pimples affect everyone at some point or other. So it is advisable to keep useful tips handy to tackle this embarrassing condition whenever it strikes you. In this article, we reveal useful tips on how to remove pimples including natural home remedies and effective commercial remedies.

Home Remedies to Remove Pimples

  • Salt water: Fill a container with warm water and add plenty of salt into it. Dip a wad of cotton into this saline solution and apply gently and patiently on the pimple for a few minutes. The pimple may get discolored. Next, flatten it by pressing a bit more firmly on both sides of it.
  • Garlic: has antibiotic properties which can help to remove pimples. Rub a garlic clove on the zit to remove it and protect your beauty for that dream date.
  • Cucumber: Grate a cucumber and apply it for about 15 minutes on the pimples. This treatment can also remove post-zit marks that mar the skin.
  • Orange and lemon peel paste: Break down these peels and mix with honey, flour and water. Apply this paste on the pimples to remove them.

Commercial Remedies
We recommend the following effective commercial remedies to remove pimples:

  • Benzoyl peroxide: This substance attacks and removes the bacteria responsible for the breakout.
  • Proactiv: You might have seen commercials of this popular treatment on TV.
  • Laser Treatment: This method is only recommended if all other options prove futile and if the breakout is long-lasting and looks really bad. This method can be annoying and terribly expensive too.
  • Sulphur-based Products: These treatments remove dead skin and free the pores that were clogged up. It is a slow remedy, but very natural.
  • Acupuncture: If both home and commercial remedies prove useless, you can try acupuncture as reports suggest it has been successful for some people.
  • Antibiotics: Prescription oral antibiotics like Tetracycline can help to treat acne.

How to Prevent Pimples
The following lifestyle tips can help a long way in preventing reoccurrence of pimples:

  • Eat a balanced and nutritious diet
  • Clean and nourish your skin daily
  • Take time out to relax and avoid too much stress and strain
  • Exercise regularly to keep slim and trim
  • Drink lots of water every day to keep hydrated and eliminate wastes easily
  • Reduce your dependence on oily lotions and beauty cosmetics, and try out natural products to minimize side effects

Remember that pimples are not a health concern because they are not contagious or dangerous. However they can certainly mar your looks and cause a bit of social embarrassment. We hope our tips on how to remove pimples can help you maintain your good looks and self-confidence.

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