Effects of Video Games

Video games are becoming more and more popular even as they keep becoming more complex and interesting. Most people have different takes on the effects of video games. Some parents think they are time-wasters and corrupt their children. Violent games are blamed for anti-social behavior. On the plus side, video games can have a positive impact too. In this article, we reveal the positive and negative effects of video games and the ideal ones to choose.

Positive Effects of Video Games

  • Your brain gets a thorough workout and you develop mental skills such as logical problem solving and how to follow instructions.
  • Shooting games can enhance hand-eye coordination, spatial and fine motor skills.
  • Players learn to utilize limited resources as in daily life.
  • Improves flexibility and the ability to change tactics quickly.
  • Helps players think quickly, and analyze and decide fast. In fact, a research study suggests that video games are ideal to train surgeons and soldiers.
  • Improves math and reading skills.
  • Teaches the importance of perseverance as you keep trying to go the next level even when you fail.
  • Improves memory and the ability to make reasoned judgments.
  • Teaches players how to respond to challenges and frustrations.
  • Multiplayer games teach cooperation and teamwork.
  • Simulated games can teach real world skills like flying and driving.
  • Introduces children to computers, the Internet and high technology.
  • You can bond with your friends, children and near ones while playing video games.
  • A research study conducted at Michigan State University found that video games can improve children’s creativity.
  • Mastering games can increase your self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Some video games can help you burn calories as you need to work out while playing them.
  • Video games are safer than dangerous entertainment alternatives for kids and teenagers like street racing, binge drinking and smoking drugs.

Negative Effects of Video Games

  • Research reveals that some video games can breed aggressive thoughts and behaviors.
  • Some people may become so addicted that they become socially isolated.
  • Students may neglect sports, reading and homework due to this addiction.
  • Some players may become confused between fantasy and reality.
  • Video game addiction can affect students’ grades at school.
  • There are health effects of video games too. These include carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve compression, tendonitis, skeletal, muscular and postural disorders, video-induced seizures and obesity due to inactivity.
  • Online games can teach bad behavior and language to gullible children.
  • Video game addiction can cause anxiety, depression and social phobias.
  • Some people go on to develop attention problems and impulsive behavior.

The positive and negative effects of video games make them a double-edged sword. Parents need to be careful about the games their children play regularly and monitor them closely. Ensure your kid does not get addicted to video games but also spends his time watching good TV, playing sports and reading books. Be proactive and select useful and acceptable games for your children, while eschewing the violent and obscene ones.

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