How to Lose Weight

Many people try fad diets to lose weight fast. But such diets may not be healthy and you may end up gaining back the lost weight in no time. In this article, we teach you how to lose weight without even hitting the gym. Mindful eating can help a long way in losing weight. Read on to learn easy and effective tips on how to lose weight the healthy way.

How to Lose Weight

Chew More
This is important because the more you chew, the more time your brain gets to receive signals that your stomach is full. Thus, you will end up consuming less calories per meal. Yoga experts say we should stop eating when our stomach feels half full. Therefore, chew more to digest better and limit the portion size.

Never Skip Breakfast
Many people skip breakfast while trying to lose weight. This is not advisable because you will feel really hungry as the day wears on. As a result, you might end up binge eating during lunch or try unhealthy snacks to satisfy your hunger pangs. Missing breakfast also slows down the metabolism, so you will burn fewer calories at rest. Since you are literally fasting throughout the night, break your night-long fast with a hearty and healthy breakfast in the morning.

Focus on Eating
Elders advise us to avoid distractions like watching TV, reading or talking while eating. There is a good reason behind this. When we are distracted while eating, we might tend to gorge more and pile on the pounds. So, forget about multitasking and just focus on enjoying every morsel of your meal.

Don’t Overcook Food
Overcooking reduces and even kills the nutrients in the food. When you are starved of nutrients, your body will not feel full after a meal. This may lead to cravings for junk food. Therefore, avoid overcooking and microwaving, and simply grill, blanch, bake or steam your vegetables. Fish and meat should be baked or grilled.

Eat Smaller Meals
Instead of the regular three huge meals a day, try to eat five or six smaller meals through the day giving a gap of two to three hours in between. This will ensure your metabolism is active throughout the day. You will also not feel the urge to overeat as the next meal is just a couple of hours away anyway.

Don’t Eat after 8 PM
Eat your dinner early to give enough time for your body to digest and assimilate the food. Dinner should also be light because the only thing you will be doing afterwards is sleep through the night. Brush your teeth immediately after dinner to avoid cravings for a bedtime snack.

Time Your Water Intake
Ideally, you should not drink water for at least an hour after a meal. This is because water can dilute the stomach acids and hinder proper digestion. Also, stop drinking water half an hour before a meal for the same reason.

Persevere to Win
Winners never quit, so even if you do not see immediate results, persevere with your plan to lose weight. Just in case you do binge eat during a party and put on some weight, don’t lose heart. Stick to your plan and try to lose weight the healthy way. Remember, you don’t have to completely sacrifice your favorite foods. Just consume them in moderation and limit your meal portions to lose weight in the long run.

We hope the above tips on how to lose weight the healthy way can help you attain a slim and trim figure. There are many benefits of losing weight such as reduced risk of diabetes, heart problems and cancer. Therefore, try to lose weight slowly and steadily to boost your health and figure too.

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