How to Cure Baldness

Baldness is hated and feared by most because it affects their self-esteem and good looks. Many doctors opine it is better to accept baldness and move on in life rather than trying expensive treatment options which have limited impact anyway. However if baldness affects your self-esteem too much, it is worth trying a few remedies, especially if your pockets are deep enough. In this article, we suggest tips on how to cure baldness that may help you solve or mitigate the problem. Read more to enhance your knowledge about the various options available out there.

How to Cure Baldness

This over-the-counter product is sold as Rogaine. You need to apply it twice daily on the scalp to regrow hair. It may take a few months to see noticeable results. Minoxidil works by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles. Surveys reveal it has been effective for two-thirds of users. However if you stop using this product, the hair growth will stop and you will in fact start losing the regained hair and gradually become bald again. Some side effects are hair growth on other body parts and scalp irritation. If you suffer from a heart condition, consult your doctor before using minoxidil.

This is a prescription product sold as Propecia. You need to take a single tablet every day. Propecia has been found to be effective for 80% of male users, but it may take up to six months to see noticeable effect. Like minoxidil, hair growth will stop and reverse if discontinued. Some side effects are temporary impotence and decreased libido. Women are strictly advised against using Propecia because its ingredients can be harmful to them.

Hair Replacement Grafts
In this surgery, hair is removed from the back of the head and replaced on the bald spot. The results depend on the proficiency of the surgeon, besides this option is expensive too. Side effects are common surgical risks like scarring and infection. If the results are not pleasing, you cannot reverse the procedure.

This product is meant for balding women and it slows down androgen production by the adrenal glands and ovaries.

This treatment is prescribed for hair loss due to inflammation and swelling. These drugs are injected directly or applied topically on the inflamed scalp to reduce the swelling. This decreases pressure on the follicles facilitating easier hair growth.

Behavioral Therapy
About 11 million Americans suffer from a psychological disorder called trichotillomania, which makes them pull out their own hair. Such patients are advised to try behavioral therapy to exorcise their inner demons.

Go Easy on Hair Styles
Women who regularly pull their hair into tight buns or pony tails can place too much strain on the hair follicles. This may affect the growth of new hair. So go easy and wear a relaxed hair style to prevent hair loss.

Lifestyle Changes
To prevent hair loss from worsening, do not overuse chemical-laden hair dyes, excess heat to dry or style your hair, and towel gently with caution after washing your hair.

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. So to cure baldness and restore your self-confidence, simply select and wear a wig which looks good on you. This remedy is cheap, comfortable and changeable too. Don’t take baldness to heart, but move on to better and more important things in life to avoid spending your hard-earned money on ill-advised, ineffective and may be even harmful options.

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