How to Reduce Cholesterol

How recently did you go for a cholesterol check? Health experts say one’s fasting total cholesterol level should be below 200, and bad cholesterol level below 100. If your numbers are above these, then you have come to the right place to learn how to reduce cholesterol. Follow our simple and effective tips to lower your cholesterol levels slowly and steadily.

How to Reduce Cholesterol

Set a Target
Consider a cholesterol level target for yourself based on factors such as family and personal history of cardiovascular disease, and whether you have conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and smoking.

Take Effective Medication
Health experts aver lifestyle changes can only reduce your cholesterol level so much. The most effective and quickest method is to take appropriate medication. Cholesterol-reducing medicines include fibrates, bile acid resins and niacin. However, statins are preferred by most as these can reduce bad cholesterol by about 20% to 50%.

Be More Active
Research reveals that regular exercise can raise good cholesterol levels by about 10%. Just brisk walking can do the trick, if done regularly. So, ensure that you exercise and exert yourself at least five days a week.

Omit Saturated Fat
Recent research reveals that saturated fat can drastically raise cholesterol levels. So cut down on saturated fat and eat more ‘good’ fats. Replace stick margarine, butter and vegetable oil with olive oil or canola oil. Reduce meat consumption and eat more fish to lower cholesterol.

Eat More Fiber
Foods rich in fiber include vegetables, fruits, barley, oats and dried beans. The soluble fiber in them can help to reduce cholesterol.

Go for Omega-3s
Fish oil and fish are recommended as they abound with omega-3 fatty acids which lower cholesterol. Fish oil supplements have a beneficial impact on triglycerides and cholesterol. Recommended fish include salmon and canned tuna, which can be consumed twice or thrice a week.

Consume Moderate Amount of Alcohol
Moderate alcohol consumption can raise good cholesterol levels by about 10%. Doctors recommend that women can consume one drink per day, and men two. However, given the risk of addiction you need to think twice before starting to consume alcohol to reduce your cholesterol.

Green Tea is Good
Chuck out sugary drinks and sodas from your fridge and stick to green tea instead. Research suggests that green tea hosts compounds that help to reduce bad cholesterol.

Go Nuts
Almonds and walnuts are especially effective in reducing cholesterol. However do not eat more than a handful of them every day as they are rich in calories.

Quit Smoking
Smoking increases your risk of heart disease and also lowers good cholesterol levels. So quit smoking for good to greatly improve your health and quality of life.

We hope the above tips on how to reduce cholesterol can help you do so and remain in the pink of health. Remember that moderation is the key. So do not over-indulge yourself to keep your cholesterol levels in check and reduce them gradually.

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