Easy Relaxation Techniques

Today’s hectic lifestyle exposes to us to a lot of stress and tension. Therefore, we need to learn a few easy and effective relaxation techniques that can help us cope with mental and physical agitation. In this article we reveal relaxation techniques that can be practiced almost anywhere and are guaranteed to restore calmness and composure to your mind and body.

Easy Relaxation Techniques

Breathe Deeply
Tension and agitation speed up our heart rate while breathing becomes shallow. So if you feel stressed, take in slow and deep breaths from your stomach. Hold the breath for a few seconds, and then exhale slowly to ease out the tension. With just a few deep breaths you can conquer anxiety and agitation, and restore calmness to your body and mind.

Go for a Stroll
You can try going for a walk, especially in a park or a secluded place where you can enjoy nature and forget your worries for a while. Your mind will get a break and the physical exertion can do your body some good too.

Smile and Laugh
Remember not to take any situation too seriously or personally. Look at the funny side of the things and have a hearty laugh at yourself and the situation too. So keep a joke book handy or log into YouTube to watch your favorite comedy shows or comedians. An active sense of humor can help to deal even with unsavory situations and perhaps even enjoy them too.

Listen to Soothing Music
Keep your iPod handy and listen to your favorite soothing and inspiring tracks whenever you are afflicted by the blues. New Age, soft rock and even peppy country tracks can help you overcome negative feelings and emotions.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation
This technique is effective and can be practiced anywhere. Slowly tense the muscles in your body as you breathe in, and release them gently as you exhale. This technique is great to relieve anxiety symptoms.

Imagine the Worst Case Scenario
Try to imagine what is the worst that could happen to you in the given situation. You will realize that most of our fears are often unfounded and things are not really as bad as we imagine. Learn to let go and place your trust in the divine power that created and runs the cosmic show.

Keep Spiritual Books Handy
If negative emotions and fear are assaulting you, try spirituality for solace. Keep a few spiritual books and quotes handy, and imbibe the wisdom from them to feel better. Surrender yourself to the higher power to ease body and mind.

We hope the easy relaxation techniques recommended in this article can help you deal with everyday stress and tension. Learn to count your blessings and look at the brighter side of life to remain positive and relaxed even in the midst of turmoil.

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