How to Stop Drinking

Most drinkers know that their bad habit can prove dangerous to their health. Yet they are unable to quit as they get addicted to alcohol. In this article, we give you simple yet effective tips on how to stop drinking. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Stop Drinking
To start, you need to realize the benefits of quitting drinking for good. These benefits include:

  • Prevent health problems like liver damage
  • Pregnant women can prevent harm to their baby
  • Eliminate or reduce relationship and family problems
  • Become more productive at home, school or work
  • Reduce the chances of getting embroiled in law and order or legal issues due to overdrinking

How to Stop Drinking
You can quit drinking alcohol for good by adopting some of the methods given below:

  • Alcohol withdrawal can cause symptoms like rapid heartbeat, the shakes, severe anxiety, panic attacks, etc. If you experience any of these, consult your doctor immediately.
  • Think positive and remember that you are bidding good riddance to a nuisance called alcohol and not to a close friend.
  • Empty and throw away all the alcohol cans and bottles in your house. Now, even if you are tempted you cannot give into the cravings.
  • Beware of the times you usually drink a lot, like at the beach or at a particular friend’s house. Renounce these outings to gradually cut down on your alcohol intake.
  • Don’t hang out with your usual drink buddies and avoid the old watering holes too.
  • Use the money saved by renouncing alcohol to indulge in healthy activities like joining a gym or yoga class, or going to a spa or massage parlor.
  • Drink plenty of water every day to keep yourself hydrated and as a replacement for alcohol.
  • Join a support group where you can share your experiences with others and get valuable tips from them.
  • Remember the other benefits of quitting alcohol include losing weight over time and the absence of splitting headaches and nauseating hangovers the next morning.

More Tips on How to Stop Drinking

  • Try meditation techniques that can make you more aware of the shenanigans and cravings of your mind. This will help you overcome the temptation to drink alcohol or indulge in any other bad habit for that matter.
  • If you have a relapse, do not lose heart. These things are bound to happen. Strengthen your resolve and go back on the quitting wagon with a vengeance.
  • Give yourself a small reward or treat at the end of each day that you didn’t drink.
  • Some people drink to deal with stress and tension. Try yoga and meditation techniques to release stress and get peace of mind.

Remember it is never too late to stop drinking. So don’t blame yourself about why you didn’t try earlier. Learn to put mind over matter and try to implement the above tips to stop drinking for good.

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