How to Stop Smoking

We know that smoking causes many adverse health effects, yet many addicts are unable to kick their dreadful and deadly habit. The main reason is addiction to the nicotine in tobacco. If you are one of those struggling to kick the smoking habit, you have come to the right place. Read on to learn effective tips on how to stop smoking.

How to Stop Smoking
The below tips may not be effective immediately. But strengthen your resolve and persevere with determination, and you will get good results gradually. If you have tried and failed in the past, don’t lose heart, but analyze and realize where you went wrong. Practice the below tips with determination to stop smoking for good.

Try Deep Breathing
Whenever you feel the urge to puff, try deep breathing for a few minutes. Fill your lungs with air, hold for a few moments, and then exhale very slowly. Visualize the tension escaping from your body. This yoga technique can definitely help you stop smoking gradually.

Drink Plenty of Water
When you stop smoking, drink plenty of water and healthy fluids to flush out poisons like nicotine from your system. Be aware that the smoking urge will persist for just a few minutes. So, strengthen your mind to overcome this brief spell of craving.

Avoid Coffee, Sugar and Alcohol
Keep away from the above items since they can increase the urge to smoke. When you quit smoking, the absence of nicotine can slow down your metabolism initially. So, refrain from consuming fatty foods during this period to avoid putting on weight. Be cautious about your diet during this testing period.

Get Some Exercise
Change your routine and be more active. Join a yoga or gym class, or do some jogging, brisk walking etc.

Destroy All Cigarettes
Don’t keep any cigarettes at home and destroy them all. Now even if you have cravings you will not be able to get your hands on a cigarette immediately.

Don’t Delude Yourself
Don’t delude yourself that smoking is enjoyable. Sacrifice the illusory and imagined pleasure for your good health. Plus, you can save some money too by quitting for good. If your mind feels bad and misses the nicotine, affirm to yourself that this is only a temporary feeling, while quitting smoking has life-long benefits.

Watch Out for Sudden Cravings
Beware of sudden cravings which may erupt due to stress, and paradoxically while relaxing. Resist the urge for “just one smoke”. Giving in can trigger the old addiction again. Practice the above mentioned deep breathing technique during this period to overcome the temporary craving.

Remember that quitting smoking can increase your longevity and quality of life. If you stop smoking for good, you decrease the chances of conditions like cancer, stroke and heart attack. Your loved ones will also benefit as they would not be exposed to secondhand smoke. So, take the step to stop smoking right now and be determined never to touch a cigarette ever again.

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