How to Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat not only has dangerous health repercussions but looks ugly as well. So it is important to lose belly fat and keep it in control. This can be done by managing four important factors: Stress, sleep, diet and exercise. Read on to learn how to do this.

How to Lose Belly Fat

Learn to Manage Stress
We all have to face stress as it is almost inevitable. But we can learn how to manage it. Chronic stress can make us choose unhealthy comfort foods for solace. Some of the best ways to handle stress are exercising, meditating and social support. Exercising creates a positive stress response and controls obesity too. If you feel tense, try to consciously relax by controlling your breathing. Slow exhalation is the key more than inhalation. So exhale consciously and slowly, and affirm positively to yourself to relax. This simple method is surprisingly effective.

Get Quality Sleep at Night
Research reveals that sleeping for about seven hours every night helps to reduce accumulation of visceral fat. People who work night shifts are at risk, as their biorhythm is disturbed, which can make them eat more. Fatigue can trigger cravings for sugary foods. Lack of sleep can also cause hormonal disturbances which may lead to weight gain. Therefore, try to sleep soundly for about seven hours every night to lose belly fat.

Make the Right Food Choices
Healthy diet is perhaps the most important factor in controlling belly fat. Fiber-rich foods are effective in controlling weight. To reduce calories, consume whole grains, vegetables and protein-rich foods, and replace unhealthy snacks with healthy ones.

Exercise Regularly
Vigorous exercise helps to control the accumulation of visceral fat which occurs as we age. It is important to exercise vigorously enough to elevate your heart rate for about 30 minutes thrice a week. Jogging and brisk walking are simple and effective exercises which can be done by almost everyone. Other fun exercises are playing sports like soccer, Zumba dancing, gardening and raking leaves. If you have led a sedentary life for a while, get a health checkup and the green signal from your doctor before you start a new exercise regimen.

We hope this article helps you in your bid to lose belly fat and get a slim and trim body. Remember that you do not have to take the effort to shed the flab you do not gain. So, moderation is the key. You do not have to completely sacrifice your favorite foods, just indulge yourself in moderation. Yoga experts say it is prudent to stop eating when our stomach feels half full. So eat wisely and moderately to lose belly fat and stay healthy.

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  1. Hi,
    Great page and very informative.
    After many years of dieting and failing, I’m finally getting success by just cutting down a lot on carbs. Not cutting them out completely, just making better choices in regards to which carbs I consume.
    I work fulltime night shift and I don’t get enough sleep or exercise. I also need to drink more water.


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