Treatment for Back Pain

Sitting crouched for long hours in front of the computer as most people do every day in the office is an open invitation for back pain. No wonder this ailment has become chronic all over the world. A sedentary lifestyle only exacerbates this condition. So if you are a back pain sufferer, read on to learn useful treatments for back pain that can be done at home.

Treatments for Back Pain

Don’t be Bedridden
Previously, bed rest was advised to treat back pain. But of late, doctors encourage patients to walk around and be active, and avoid complete bed rest. Too much bed rest can weaken the back muscles and invite more pain. So, try to walk around slowly and steadily to remain active.

Apply an Ice Pack
Apply ice on the affected area to minimize inflammation and discomfort. Wrap the ice pack in a towel to ensure it is not too cold. And don’t apply it for more than 15-20 minutes at a time to avoid frostbite.

Soak in Hot Water
Fill your bathtub with hot water and soak in it blissfully. The heat can help to improve muscle elasticity. But pregnant women should avoid hot soaks as it can lead to miscarriage or birth defects.

Sleep on a Comfortable Mattress
A sagging mattress which is too soft can create back problems. So invest for your good health and buy a comfortable new mattress.

Get a Relaxing Massage
A trained masseur would be able to untie the muscle knots in your back to provide relaxation. If you can’t afford to go to a parlor, you can ask a loved one to gently knead the muscles in your back.

Try Relaxation Techniques
Most often back pain is caused by too much stress and tension. So, try relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation or deep breathing exercises to relax yourself physically and mentally.

More Treatments for Back Pain

Put a Cushion on Your Seat
If your car seat or office chair is uncomfortable, place a cushion on them for extra lumbar support. Do not sit for continuous hours, but take a break after every hour or so to decrease stiffness and promote blood flow.

Swim to Relieve Back Pain
Many experts aver that swimming is a great exercise to alleviate back pain. Swimming strengthens and tones the back and abdominal muscles, and the water buoyancy provides relief to the body by taking off weight. Next to swimming, walking is the best exercise for back pain sufferers.

Lose Some Flab
Too much belly fat is an invitation to back pain. So if you are overweight, try to lose some flab especially around the midsection to prevent or ease back pain.

We hope the above treatments for back pain prove useful to you. Remember that prevention is better than cure. So once you recover from the bout of back pain, waste no time in enrolling yourself in a yoga or gym class to tone your overall fitness and health. This will help you minimize the chances of suffering back pain again as well as many other ailments.

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