Treatment for Depression

The modern day hectic lifestyle can create many mental disorders such as depression. Many people take recourse to medicines to treat this mental malady. But such medications can have their own side effects. Instead, you can try natural treatments for depression as these are holistic and have no side effects. After all, beating depression is all about putting mind over matter. So, read on to learn effective natural treatments for depression that can relieve your symptoms.

Treatments for Depression

Research reveals that regular exercise for about 30 minutes a day can reduce stress, and boost self-esteem and mood. Exercise releases feel-good chemicals like norepinephrine and endorphins that help to reduce depression. A 2005 study found that brisk walking for about half an hour can significantly relieve mild depression symptoms.

Another study reveals that a Mediterranean diet can reduce depression. This diet emphasizes on consuming monounsaturated fatty acids (found in olive oil), omega-3 fatty acids (found in legumes, nuts and fish) and B vitamins (present in whole grains, vegetables and fruits). Mediterranean diet eschews sugars, refined carbs, alcohol, dairy and meat.

Clinical trials reveal that acupuncture therapy is an effective and safe remedy compared to pharmacological medications for depression. In a study at the University of Arizona, about 75% of women depression patients obtained relief after eight weeks of individual acupuncture sessions. This study suggests acupuncture can be as effective as psychotherapy and drug therapy in relieving depression symptoms. Acupuncture works by stimulating the release of the feel-good chemicals dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain, which enhances the mood of the patient and relieves their depression.

Guided Imagery and Meditation
Simple meditation techniques when practiced regularly can help you make more aware of the shenanigans of the monkey mind. When we realize that our mind is depressed and distance ourself from the consequent emotions, half the battle is won. Meditation can increase our awareness and mindfulness and help to replace sad thoughts with positive ones in our mind. Guided imagery can help to reduce stress. When our mind reaches a relaxed and positive state through guided imagery techniques, it has a beneficial effect on our body.

Yoga for Depression
Another effective natural treatment for depression is the mindful performance of yoga poses. In a 2007 study, researchers found that yoga helped to reduce anxiety, anger and depression. Many health professionals aver that yoga can complement psychotherapy and antidepressants in reducing depression symptoms.

If you are depressed, try out the above natural treatments for depression to check if they work for you. You can also read uplifting philosophical and spiritual works to boost positive thoughts in your mind. When we realize there is a benevolent God upstairs who does what is best for us, then automatically our mind will relax, let go and feel lighter than before.

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