How to Forgive and Forget the Past

Many people are haunted by bad happenings in the past and they find it difficult to overcome their nightmarish memories. You need to realize that the past is gone and what matters is the present. Of course, this is easier said than done. In this article, we provide useful tips that can help you let go of the past, and prevent sad and bad events of the bygone era from haunting your present.

You Cannot Change the Past
Don’t feel any regret about what has happened. Console yourself spiritually by affirming that everything happens for our best in God’s divine play. There is indeed a silver lining to be found in any dark cloud. So, instead of moping, try to analyze how the past bad events have changed you for the better. Life is the best teacher and even disillusionment can serve the purpose of making you more detached and spiritual.

Beware of Misplaced Nostalgia
Most people have the habit of glorifying the past, while putting down the present. They convince themselves that they were happier and the world was a better place in their imaginative heydays. This sort of wishful thinking serves no purpose. Rather, be realistic and try to make the most of the present, instead of re-living a glorified imaginative version of the past.

Nothing is Permanent
Impermanence and change are the only constants in life. God’s creations are changing subtly in ever so many ways even as we look at them. Therefore, if your glory days are long gone, simply accept the fact and move on. You may have been a star athlete or class hottie back in school. And, if you are a pot-bellied, middle-aged, harried parent today, don’t start wishing for a time machine to take you back to your glory days at school. Simply accept reality as it is and move on to other things.

Laugh It Out
The present is the best time to look at the brighter and funny side of things past and have a hearty laugh at them. Research reveals that optimistic people live longer and are happier than pessimists. Therefore, treat past bad events as just another episode in God’s divine comedy. Many spiritual masters aver that God created us to entertain and be entertained. So, enjoy His cosmic drama and try to look at the amusing aspects of past events.

Let It Go
Life is like a hard rope and if we cling too attachedly to it, we are bound to get hurt. Therefore, learn to let it all go in a detached manner. Forgive and forget your past enemies and their trespasses against you. Affirm to yourself that it is human to err, but divine to forgive. Therefore, be broad-minded and let the past go with a generous heart.

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  1. Hahaha, the article said. Lol. Interesting article here. I wonder what the approach would be if the person was agnostic or even an atheist.

  2. This article has somehow made my life beautiful again…thank you

  3. You think its so easy!! I’ve been a Christian for over 2 years now and learning to live a better life. When I go to bed at night I wake up every morning wondering why I am tormented by the evil and wicked past. I knew someone that was very abusive to me and bullied me for so long I’m sick of dealing with it in my head. I’ve been to healing and deliverance through church and received a lot of spiritual healing but I am still struggling with some issues. How can I forget the past when its haunting me in my dreams?

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