Pros and Cons of Freelancing

Almost all office workers feel fed up with their work and the regular 9 to 5 corporate schedule at some point or other. Some of the reasons for this depressing feeling include tight work deadlines, a bullying boss, gossipy colleagues, every day traffic jams, vehicular pollution on the roads and sometimes even bad coffee at the workplace. As a result, many of us wonder whether freelancing from home would be a better option than a regular 9 to 5 job. In this article, we reveal the pros and cons of freelancing. Read on and choose whether freelancing is a worthwhile career option for you.

Pros of Freelancing

You can Choose Your Work Timings and Schedule
You are not fettered by the monotonous 9 to 5 work schedule. You can work any time of the day or night. If you are simply not in the mood to do any work, you can relax with your iPod or TV and postpone doing your assignments. Thus, freelancing gives you unmatched flexibility of work scheduling.

You can Work from Anywhere
If you are a travel buff, freelancing is the best option for you. You can work from anywhere in the world thanks to the Internet. Even within your city, you can just get away from the four walls of your room and work from a cool coffee place that has Wi-Fi connectivity. Thus, freelancing gives you the opportunity to explore the world or at least the city you live in, even as you churn out your assignments.

You can Choose Your Work
Most often, we do not get the jobs we are really interested in. Even if we get our dream job, we may not get work assignments of our choice. But as a freelancer, you can select and do exactly the kind of work you are passionate about. For example, if you are keen on writing, you can become a freelance content writer for a Website or content management company and indulge your passion for creativity. Thus, freelancing gives you all the freedom in the world to express yourself and indulge in your passions.

You can Choose Your Income
A regular job comes with a fixed pay package about which you cannot do anything. But as a freelancer, you can entirely control how much you wish to earn. You can put in extra hours and effort to earn those few dollars more. And if you are happy with your income and savings, you can afford to take it easy and cruise comfortably doing only the amount of work that is necessary.

No Relationship Hassles
At a regular job, you would have to put up with a pushy boss, rude and gossipy colleagues etc. But, as a freelancer you are your own boss and have the opportunity to enjoy silence and solitude at home.

Cons of Freelancing

No Guaranteed Income
This is perhaps the main drawback of freelancing. You can never be sure you will get assignments all the time. Plus, you also have to be wary of shady companies that may not pay you at all. Therefore, you need to experiment a lot to select reliable companies that can give you regular assignments and pay you on time as well.

Inconsistent Income
You are assured of a fixed salary amount in a regular job. But as a freelancer, you will be exposed to the vicissitudes of variations in monthly income. Some months might be bad where you simply don’t get enough assignments to make a decent amount. Therefore, it is advised to build up a dependable bank balance, before you take up freelancing.

Finding Work is Entirely Up to You
As a freelancer, the onus is upon you to find stable and reliable clients. As mentioned earlier, you may end up getting short-changed if your client does not pay and simply refuses to answer any calls. This is a major drawback of freelancing which you have to be wary of. Therefore, we recommend that you start freelancing while doing a regular job and get some experience about it, before becoming a full-time freelancer.

No Perks, Bonus or Insurance
At a regular job, you can get perks, bonuses and even medical insurance. But as a freelancer, you will be deprived of all these. Extra money and insurance coverage do matter especially when you are younger. Therefore, continue your regular job till you build up a reliable nest egg and then you can take it easy and start freelancing later on in life.

More Time for Other Activities
As a freelancer, you can allot more time to do your favorite activities. You will have all the time in the world to paint, meditate, do yoga, learn to play a musical instrument or read philosophical and spiritual books. Thus, as a freelancer you are the master of your life and fortunes and you can ensure a healthy balance between work and fun.

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