KONY 2012: Part II – Beyond Famous

Have you ever felt to be a part of changing times? An activist who desires to voice their opinion about the cause they strongly feel for? Well, I have a similar desire – to stand up for the ‘voiceless’ and be their voice. KONY 2012 is one such platform which gives me the strength to do my little bit to spread awareness. Don’t believe in self-gloating, but given a chance, I would very much like to be a part of the ‘Cover the Night’ campaign on April 20th.

For the uninitiated, KONY 2012 is campaign to raise awareness and support for the arrest of Joseph Kony, the malicious African warlord. A video about the brutal rebel leader became viral one month back and boosted the international hunt for him.

On Thursday, a sequel to the earlier video was released, “KONY 2012 Part II.” The burning question of the hour is will it become famous like the original version? Part II is slickly crafted with inspiring shots of a young community mobilizing into action. Even though the voice of the Invisible Children’s co-founder, Jason Russell is missing in this video, it fetched as many hits as the first video.

The latest offering is a well-made documentary which addresses criticisms bombarded at the San Diego-based NGO since it gained overnight popularity and fame. Invisible Children’s CEO, Ben Keesey said that the sequel was made in two weeks. The motive behind the sequel was to answer the scathing remarks of the critics as well as people who wanted to know more about the campaign – a campaign which led a bipartisan group of 40 U.S. senators to support a resolution condemning Kony; a campaign which provoked the children around the country to ask their parents to ‘do their bit.’

Mr Keesey feels that the campaign resonates with the youth who are active members of a global community as they have friends around the world via social media. He said that their intention is to “create compelling stories to bring back what the point is – which is right now there are people living in fear of violence and being attacked by the LRA and we need to be reminded of that.”

Part II features several interviews with Africans who feel that the rebel issue is complex and needs a multipronged approach to put an end to Kony’s atrocities. Also, the link features various programs which Invisible Children supports – ranging from hanging pamphlets from branches for active LRA fighters to know how to come out of Kony’s grasp.

Well, here’s the deal – you discard the issue as yet another frivolous act to gain publicity and fame or be a part of a ‘credible’ act; a chance to stand up and be the voice of thousands of ‘voiceless!’

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