Benefits of Playing Sports

Playing sports is a great way to become fit and healthy, while having lots of fun too. Sports can enhance your personality, and mental and physical health. Thus, sports are a great source of entertainment and exercise. Read on to learn about the numerous benefits of playing sports.

Great for the Body
Sports are great physical exercises and can improve your body image and posture. Physical activities such as stretching, jumping and running give your body a good workout. Ideally, sports should be taught at an early age to tone the body, strengthen muscles and bones, and increase endurance and stamina. Swimming especially is a recommended sport as it provides a full workout to the whole body.

Great for the Mind
Research reveals that playing sports can improve the Math skills of kids. They can improve their focus by playing sports like cricket, baseball, badminton and tennis that involve targeting and hitting. Competition, winning and losing are a part of sports and teach kids to treat success and failure alike. Children learn to play competitively, give their best and accept the outcome positively and with equanimity. Sports can also help you become cool and sporting.

Develops Social Skills
Participating in team sports can develop your social skills because you learn to collaborate, communicate and interact with people. Playing sports can also improve your delegating, planning and thinking skills. Participating and winning in sports can inspire confidence by breeding a sense of accomplishment.

Teaches Clever Thinking
Playing sports improves directed thinking. You learn to strategize, and devise novel ways to earn points, and score runs and goals. Thus, you can improve your presence of mind and learn to think on your toes. Research reveals that playing sports regularly helps children fare better in academics.

Can Make You Happy
Playing sports involves kicking the ball, bouncing, throwing, hitting and running around. All these activities release a happiness hormone called endorphins in the brain. Thus, playing sports is a great way to bust stress and sorrow, and create positive energy.

Economic and Social Benefits
If you are good enough to play at the national or international level, it opens new doors of opportunity for employment and career prospects. This is not restricted to sportsmen alone, because sports also open up avenues for physical therapists, sports doctors, cheerleaders and volunteers. Many cities have constructed sports venues for big events like the Olympics and have improved their image and revenues through sports tourism. These venues are later opened for the public so that they can use them to play sports, and improve and enjoy themselves.

Health Benefits
Play sports regularly to enjoy benefits like reduced health risks, optimum cholesterol and blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure. It also reduces the risk of hypertension, stress-related disorders, heart diseases and diabetes. Research reveals that sportsmen are able to deal with strain and stress better. They also have reduced risk of anxiety, depression and related psychological ailments.

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