How to Age Gracefully

Scientific and medical advances are lengthening our lifespans to ever longer years. But, quantity of life can become cumbersome if quality of life deteriorates with progressing age. In this article, we reveal useful tips on how to age gracefully. Read on to learn more.

Eat a Nutritious Diet
Ensure your diet contains plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fiber. The foods you eat should be low in cholesterol, trans fat and saturated fat. A nutritious diet is essential to maintain good health even as one ages. Seniors should consume plenty of calcium to prevent osteoporosis.

Exercise Regularly
Health experts say we should vigorously exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. You can try biking, jogging, brisk walking or join a gym or yoga class to remain slim and trim. Enjoy your physical exercises and boost your mood too as exercising can release feel-good endorphin hormones in your body.

Go for Regular Checkups
Ensure you go for regular medical and dental checkups to detect ailments if any in their early stages. This boosts the chances of effective treatment.

Avoid Smoking
Avoiding smoking is essential to a long and healthy life. If you are a smoker, try to quit as soon as possible as your health will start to improve almost immediately.

Be Street Smart
Ensure you wear a helmet while biking and your seatbelt while driving. Install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in your home. Do not go out late at night especially to dangerous neighborhoods. If you have to, ask someone you can trust to accompany you. Dress appropriately in each season to stay healthy. Drink alcohol moderately.

Try to be Positive and Happy
Relaxed and calm people are able to combat any stressful situation with poise and presence of mind. It is no wonder their youthful looks bely their age. A positive attitude can make your life happier, healthier and longer too. Don’t take every small slight personally or seriously. Try to find the funny side of things and learn heartily at life’s foibles especially if you can’t change it.

Read Philosophical and Spiritual Books
Fear of death can have a debilitating effect on your physical and mental health. You can overcome it by turning to spirituality and philosophy which teach us that death is inevitable and nothing to be afraid of. Instead, we should focus on the present moment and live life to the fullest. There is no point in living a long life if it is not filled with joy, happiness, contentment and bliss.

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