How to be Street Smart

To avoid getting into dangerous situations, one needs to be street smart and show presence of mind, especially when they are in a dangerous neighborhood or strange city or country. This is perhaps more important for kids and women, who may be considered as easier targets. It is not enough just to be book-smart, you need to be street smart too to survive in this “wild world”. Read on to learn some effective tips on how to be street smart and try to implement them to ensure your safety and health.

Do Your Homework
If you are driving across town to a new area, or traveling from one city to another, do your homework and chart out your journey beforehand. This can prevent you from getting lost and ending up in some dangerous neighborhood. And, ensure you have a tank full of gas so that you don’t run out in the middle of nowhere.

Keep Your Belongings in Sight
This tip is crucial when you are traveling with bags and suitcases. Always keep your belongings in sight and don’t leave them alone somewhere. Unattended baggage can even raise a security alert and cause unnecessary hassle. So, always keep your bags, backpack and purse in sight and within reach.

Don’t Trust Strangers
Be wary of strangers especially when you are in a bank or ATM. It is a common trick to divert attention and steal cash. So, if any stranger asks to help you out in a bank or ATM, decline politely and move away from them.

Avoid Listening to Music
Listening to loud music on your mp3 player as you jog or walk in a busy street is a sure invitation for disaster. The music may drown out the sounds of passing vehicles and endanger your life. So, it is best to listen to your favorite music when you are safe and relaxed indoors, and definitely not on busy streets. Likewise, avoid talking for too long on your cellphone when in public, as this can divert your attention and make you a sitting duck for criminals.

Ignore the Jerks
If someone shouts or catcalls at you, do not get disturbed. Keep calm and walk away. The jerk is obviously a disturbed person who is looking for trouble. So, do not get involved in an argument or fight, and prefer prudence over bravado.

Run Fast if Attacked
If a mugger attacks you, do not fight but try to flee as fast as possible. He may be carrying a knife or gun and it is not worth getting hurt to protect the meager amount in your wallet. While running away, you can also scream your head off to attract the help of passersby. Needless to say, ensure that you stay in good physical shape so that you can run fast when required.

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